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Episode 3 is the third episode of War For Cybertron Trilogy: Chapter 1: Siege. It was written by George Krstic.


Optimus has a plan but needs Ratchet’s help. Ultra Magnus is tortured for information while Starscream continues to foster dissent among the Seekers.


Megatron reports to the Decepticons that the Autobots killed Impactor. He claims that it’s for the good of Cybertron for the Autobots to surrender.

While scouring the ground, Ratchet finds Impactor buried under the rubble. Barely alive. He tells Ratchet that if he’s come to kill him then he’s too late.

Prowl asks Optimus and Elita One if they should be preparing for the next fight or to run. Soon, there will be nowhere else to run. Assuming Megatron finds the AllSpark. Optimus wants to find the Allspark and take it off Cybertron. However, according to the old religions, if they remove the Allspark, Cybertron dies. Optimus refuses to allow that to happen.

Starscream is aware of Megatron’s plan to reformat the Autobots, which he is against. He fears it will dilute their race. Barricade warns him to tread cautiously. Starscream continues, even calling Megatron weak. Jetfire confronts Starscream and tells him that his false sense of superiority will be his downfall. Megatron arrives and says that anyone with a problem with his vision of Cybertron has no place in it. Starscream takes off and Megatron reminds Jetfire that Starscream is just a weapon that can easily be replaced.

Elita questions Optimus on how they would get the Allspark off of Cybertron even if they did find it. Wheeljack reveals that when he was out with Bumblebee, they discovered the remains of a Spacebridge. He believes it can be repaired. However, Elita and Prowl oppose the plan.

Shockwave has failed to extract the location from Ultra Magnus. He tells Megatron that he has imposed too many safeguards on his methods. Megatron reluctantly tells Shockwave that he’s free to use whatever methods necessary.

Mirage cloaks himself as a Decepticon and approaches Spinister and Skytread. His cloak malfunctions, and they draw their weapons. However, Chromia covers him, shooting from higher up. Optimus, Elita, and Wheeljack jump into action. Optimus makes quick work of Spinister, piercing his chest with a sharp rod.

Optimus, Elita, Chromia, Wheeljack, and Mirage arrive at a theater. They are confronted by Ratchet. They’ve come in hopes that he’ll help fix the Spacebridge. However, Ratchet doesn’t do that work anymore. They follow him inside, where he has set up a clinic for injured bots. Ratchet refuses to go back to that life. He pulls out a blaster and demands that they leave. When Mirage prepares for a fight, Impactor tackles him to the ground. They can’t believe that he’s healed Impactor, a known Decepticon. Impactor explains that he was pre-determined to slave away in the mines, pulling energon from the core until death or deactivation. Ratchet intervenes and asks the Autobots to leave.

Shockwave tortures Ultra Magnus for the location of Autobot Command. Ultra Magnus tells Megatron that Optimus will end this war. With Ultra refusing to give up, Shockwave will have to turn to more unorthodox methods. However, Ultra Magnus steals a blaster from a Decepticon and points it at Megatron, ordering him to turn around. But, Megatron refuses as he knows that Ultra Magnus has too much honor to shoot someone in the back. And so, Jetfire destroys Magnus’ gun and captures him.

Ratchet agrees to allow Optimus, Elita, Chromia, and Wheeljack to stay long enough for them to plead their case. He has no desire to help them fix the Spacebridge. However, upon learning that Megatron plans to weaponize the Allspark, he reconsiders. They join Mirage down below while he watches as Impactor helps an Autobot. It’s one of Ratchet’s rules. Everyone he helps has to help everyone else. Ratchet asks Impactor to keep watch while he helps Optimus. However, Impactor wants to join them on their mission to fix the Spacebridge. While he may be a Decepticon, long before that, he swore an oath to protect the people of Cybertron.

Shockwave resumes his torture of Ultra Magnus, who is resilient. He tells Megatron not to make Cybertron suffer and not to become those they rose against. Ultra Magnus gives in and agrees to give them the location of Autobot Command.

Before going inside, Elita demands that Impactor’s comm is deactivated. Ratchet argues in defense of Impactor, however, he’s willing to remove it if it means saving Cybertron.

Jetfire and Skywarp sense Impactor is near. However, they proceed with their mission. They eventually find the Autobot Command. Skywarp wishes to report back to Megatron, who will give the order to annihilate the Autobots. Jetfire argues that annihilating an entire race shouldn’t be the price of peace. They should give the Autobots the option to surrender, though Skywarp insists that they all be murdered. When Jetfire tries to stop him, Skywarp punches him in the face, which leads to Jetfire shooting him in the back, though he apologizes immediately after.

Megatron rallies the Decepticons and tells them about Optimus’ plan to destroy the Allspark. So, he enlists all the Decepticons in search of the Allspark so that they can end the war once and for all.

Skywarp is badly injured, though he manages to find Starscream and inform him that Jetfire is a traitor.