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Episode 2 is the second episode of War For Cybertron Trilogy: Chapter 2: Earthrise. This episode was written by Tim Sheridan.


Mercenary Transformers come upon the Ark adrift in space. As unlikely allies arrive to rescue the imprisoned Autobots, Megatron reveals Project Nemesis.


The mercenaries have taken over the Ark and imprisoned the Autobots. Doubledealer reports back to his employer as they’re trying to get the Ark running.

Megatron speaks with Elita One privately. She questions how he can murder his own kind. Megatron reasons that he’s trying to save what’s left of them. Project Nemesis sacrifices a few so that generations can live. Megatron wonders why Elita didn’t leave on the Ark with Prime. He suspects that she disagreed with his actions. Elita believes that the rivalry between them is antiquated and pointless in the face of extinction, and Megatron agrees. But they have different ideologies.

Bumblebee awakens and sneaks up on Exhaust. Doubledealer warns Bumblebee to stop. Optimus awakens and tells Bumblebee to stand down.

Starscream places Elita in her cell. Jetfire, Red Alert, and Chromia wonder what she’s learned. Elita didn’t learn much. But she doesn’t think that Megatron has even told his own men why he’s harvesting their energon. Jetfire surmises that they’re building a weapon.

Doubledealer informs Optimus that there is a bounty in their head. However, he isn’t sure how long they were adrift. He tells Optimus that the only thing more valuable than him is the AllSpark. The mercenaries then take the Autobots to a Quintesson, which was believed to be a myth.

The Quintesson explains that long ago the Autobots toiled under the abject cruelty of the Quintesson Empire until the day one magistrate, that being Deseeus, took a stand. He freed the Autobots and gave them the power to fight their oppressors. He helped them transform from servants to masters of their own destiny. The Quintesson argue over what to do with Optimus, with most of them agreeing to execute him. However, Deseeus explains that he needs the Autobots.

Jetfire, Elita, Red Alert, and Chromia try to break their way out of their cell but fail to do so successfully. They can’t even send a distress signal as HQ is deserted and Omega Supreme has been down since Crystal City fell.

The Autobots are held captive. Optimus explains that the Quintesson seems paralyzed by a need for consensus. They can use that to their advantage. Bumblebee wants to attack now, but Optimus advises him to wait until the time is right. They then start to hear screaming and wonder what the source is. Unbeknownst to the Autobots, Deseeus has removed his other four faces.

Megatron asks Elita to join him for Project Nemesis. With her at his side, their people will flourish. However, he wants her and signals Barricade to lock them in the capsules. Elita pleads with Megatron to spare her friends and asks him to join them. However, he is turns her down and places her in the capsules as well. Before the harvest can begin, one of the Decepticons that Elita saved from the last prison camp returns the favor. He shuts off the power and frees them from their pods before escaping.

Doubledealer seeks to be compensated for retrieving the Autobots. However, Deseeus doesn’t hold up his end of the bargain and tells the mercenary to leave with his life. Should they refuse, Deseeus will command his army to destroy them.

Skytread catches Jetfire, Elita, Red Alert, and Chromia trying to sneak away. Surprisingly, he means to help them. While he’s not an Autobot sympathizer, he also doesn’t condone Project Nemesis.

Megatron discovers that the Autobots have escaped. Shockwave informs him that with the Autobots gone, they must consider harvesting another Decepticon sector. Soundwave then informs Megatron that he has an incoming transmission from the ark.

Deseeus wishes to kill the Autobots. Before he can enact his plan, Doubledealer and his band of mercenaries intervene, this provides a distraction long enough for Wheeljack to free them from their restraints and for Mirage and Hound to destroy Deseeus’ lair with rockets. The mercenaries hold off Deseeus and his army long enough for the Autobots to escape.

Project Nemesis is an ark, built and fueled by the sparks of a thousand Autobots and Decepticons, initially meant to lead them on their search for a new world. However, Megatron explains to Starscream, Shockwave, and Soundwave that they have a greater mission after learning that Optimus is still alive.