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Episode 2 is the second episode of War For Cybertron Trilogy: Chapter 1: Siege. It was written by F.J. DeSanto and Gavin Hignight


Megatron receives a surprise visitor; Shockwave reveals how finding the mythical Allspark can help defeat the Autobots. The Decepticons lay a trap.


Megatron orders the Decepticons to search every sector until they find the Autobots. Skywarp interrupts Megatron to inform him of an unexpected arrival. Jetfire warns him to come no closer. When he continues, Starscream demands that he reveal himself. Barricade even fires a shot but misses. Megatron smacks him for firing without being instructed to. The bot under the hood reveals himself as Ultra Magnus. He’s come to surrender.

Ultra Magnus recalls the battle of Tarn-Hauser Gate, where he saved Megatron’s life. And together, they won that battle. They fought as brothers back then. Ultra Magnus has grown weary of endless war. However, Prime won’t listen to Ultra Magnus. He was hoping the three of them could sit down together. Megatron wants Ultra to order the Autobots to stand down, but he won’t order them to do what they feel is not right. And so, Megatron tells Jetfire to put Ultra Magnus in a cell.

Optimus reports to the Autobots that Ultra Magnus has surrendered to Megatron. Optimus and Ultra have different views of the war. Ultra believes that it is time to stop fighting. Optimus will never stop fighting for freedom. Elita One tells everyone to calm down, but some of the others start to worry that Ultra Magnus will give them up, particularly Sideswipe, Hound, Red Alert. With Ultra Magnus gone, Elita will take command of military operations, and Optimus assures the Autobots they will win the war.

Shockwave informs Megatron of his team that has been searching for ancient relics and weapons. His research of the ancient code suggests that the AllSpark can help them end the war permanently. If they can acquire it, Shockwave can manipulate it to create a reformation wave that will de-rez every Autobots. And then, he could reformat them as loyal Decepticons. Jetfire argues it would be a victory without honor. But still, Megatron takes it into consideration.

Ultra Magnus overhears Shockwave and Megatron’s plan to find the Allspark and reports it to Optimus.

Wheeljack informs Optimus and Elita that Med-transports five and six were destroyed. Optimus then gets a message from Ultra Magnus, who informs them that Megatron is looking for the Allspark in order to win the war by reformatting the Autobots. In doing this, Megatron would gain control of Cybertron.

Optimus and Elita relay their discovery to the rest of the Autobots, some of whom believe the Allspark to be a myth. Sideswipe is skeptical of this mission, considering they got the intel from Magnus. They suspect that it’s a distraction or trap. However, Optimus believes Ultra. While it will cost them some energon, Wheeljack can rig the Ark’s long-range scanners to look for it while the others search each sector.

Soundwave informs Megatron that he detected a low frequency transmission from the holding cells. He plays a recording of the transmission — Ultra Magnus informing the Autobots of Megatron’s plan to find the Allspark. Megatron suggests that they help Prime find the Allspark.

Elita, like others, has doubt about wasting their time searching for the Allspark. They’re barely surviving as it is. And she’s not sure what it is they’re fighting for. Optimus asks Elita to trust him. They suddenly get word from Ultra Magnus, who claims to have the coordinates of the Allspark. Unbeknownst to to them, it’s actually Megatron and Soundwave orchestrating a trap.

Megatron visits Ultra Magnus in his cell and tells him that he’s lost any chance of peaceful coexistence when he sent that transmission to Prime. However, they did manage to use it to their advantage. They hacked his comm frequency and are planning to kill the Autobots.

Shockwave informs Megatron that the Autobots have reached Iacon. The Decepticons get into position. Impactor, Barricade, Spinister, and Skytread all check in.

Elita worries that they’re walking into a trap. Optimus insists that Ultra Magnus would never betray them, but he simply believes the best in everyone.

Hound warns Sideswipe to be light on his tread. If the Allspark is nearby, they don’t want to attract Seekers.

Chromia tells her squad to remain alert and to remember that retrieval is only half the mission. They have to bring it back to base as well. Cog notices a package. They cautiously go to retrieve what they discover is simply highly concentrated energon. Impactor watches from above as they take the bait. He shoots the energon, severely injuring Cog.

Hound and Sideswipe rush to their comrades but are attacked by Decepticons, however, they manage to take them out with a grenade.

Mirage attacks Refraktor and they trade blows. Meanwhile, Optimus restrains Impactor, though only momentarily.

Barricade gets the upper hand on Chromia, using the dust and fog to his advantage. He holds her at gunpoint but Hound saves her.

Skytread attacks Optimus, but he is taken down without difficulty. Optimus then shoots a Seeker out of the sky, causing it to crash into a nearby building, which in turn causes the building to collapse on top of Impactor and the Decepticons. This allows the Autobots to escape.

Sideswipe takes Cog to Red Alert, who orders that Cog is taken to the repair bay.

Optimus, Elita, and Hound convene with Wheeljack and inform him that they walked into a trap and suffered casualties. They’re going to need time to recover from this. Optimus asks if Wheeljack has made any progress in recovering the actual Allspark. Unfortunately, the energon it takes will start affecting their ability to stay cloaked. Optimus orders him to continue, but Elita voices her disapproval.

Skytread and Ravage search for Impactor, but they’re unsuccessful. Only recovering his arm. They head back to retrieve the energon, but it’s gone, which they inform Megatron of. He suspects that the Autobots got away with it, but Shockwave believes that someone else has the energon.

Unbeknownst to the Decepticons, Bumblebee got away with the highly concentrated energon during the battle.

Megatron demands that Ultra Magnus tell him Optimus’ location. When he refuses, Megatron punches him and orders Shockwave to begin his preparations to reformat the Autobots.