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Episode 1 is the first episode of War For Cybertron Trilogy: Chapter 2: Earthrise. This episode was written by Gavin Hignight.


Believing the Allspark destroyed, Megatron plans to flee the dying planet - but at great cost. Elita's plan to free some prisoners hits a snag.


Jetfire, Red Alert, Elita One, and Chromia kill two seekers after coming across a group of wounded Decepticons being kept as prisoners by their own kind.

Megatron voices his concerns to Ultra Magnus’ decapitated head. He blames Optimus Prime for them being trapped on a dying world, waiting as death slowly surrounds them.

Shockwave informs Megatron that section 12 has fallen below satisfactory output. At their current rate of power rate, they face death very soon. So, Shockwave suggests that they take section 12 offline and recycle their resources for Project Nemesis. Megatron wishes to think about it further.

Jetfire questions if it was wise for Elita to free those Decepticons. Elita isn’t entirely sure herself, but she can’t help but wonder why Decepticons are imprisoning their own kind. Jetfire says that everything has changed since the Battle of the Spacebridge, including Megatron. Jetfire surmise that he’s turned on his own as he lacks an enemy with the Autobots essentially gone. Jetfire would rather leave the Decepticons locked up, but Elita argues that they can’t lose sight of the fact that even Decepticons are still Cybertronian, so they’ll continue to liberate the prison camps.

Red Alert informs Elita that he received intel from Steeljaw. He’s infiltrated one of the largest prison camps they’ve seen. Elita tells Chromia that the camp is deep in Kaon, so they have to plan accordingly and prep for survivors.

Thundercracker reports to Starscream that they’ve hacked into what was left of Steeljaw and transmitted the bait to the Autobots. Soon, the Autobot raids on their detention centers will come to an end.

Megatron arrives in Sector 12 and is welcomed by his local Decepticon, Shamble.

Elita, Red Alert, and Chromia stake out the prison camp in Kaon. They fear they’re walking into a trap as the fortress is lightly guarded, but they proceed nonetheless. Chromia shoots down the guards on the tower while Red Alert and Elita race inside, taking out the guards at the front.

Shamble takes Megatron on a tour of Sector 12. He explains how shortly after the Battle of the Spacebridge they put their efforts into recycling munitions for blasters. However, they’re at 22%. Shamble remembers when Megaton was a fighter in the arena. He recalls how exciting those were. Even back then, he knew that Megatron was the bot to follow. Shamble then reveals that they have 57 bots stationed at Sector 12. Shockwave then calls Megaton to remind him that they require the resources of Sector 12 to keep Project Nemesis in schedule.

Elita, Red Alert, and Chromia battle against numerous Decepticons, all of whom they manage to take out.

Shamble takes Megatron to the infirmary, where 92% of their workforce is injured.

Jetfire arrives at the prison camp and takes out the three seekers before joining Elita, Red Alert, and Chromia and heading inside.

Megatron leaves sector 12 and tells Shockwave to take it offline.

Jetfire, Elita, Red Alert, and Chromia walk into a trap set by Starscream.

Shockwave informs Megatron that the harvest is on schedule and thanks to their resources at Sector 12, Project Nemesis will be a success. Project Nemesis consists of them harvesting ineffective Decepticons and turning their sparks into energy. This is the only means of their survival. Starscream then returns with Jetfire, Elita, Red Alert, and Chromia. Megatron is somewhat impressed with Elita leading the Autobots. He remarks that he may have even followed her at another time. Barricade then beats on Shamble and forces him into one of the harvesting capsules. Megatron then orders Shockwave to drain their energy, explaining that this is their reality thanks to Optimus Prime. He then tells them that the next harvest will be powered by four Autobot sparks.

A group of mercenaries infiltrate the ark and find Optimus and the remaining Autobots unresponsive.