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The Autobots are in for a hard battle against the powerful Decepticon Godmaster Brothers. But a hero will come.

Japanese title: "登場!救世主の名はジンライ!"


The Decepticon Godmasters show up along with the Pretenders and the Headmaster Juniors at the seashore. Meanwhile, the Godmaster Brothers have already set out earlier in the morning to "welcome" Ginrai, who is about to arrive in Japan from the United States.

Hawk and the Headmaster Juniors arrive at Harumi Wharf to pick Ginrai up. But they don't see the cargo boat boarded by Ginrai. Hawk worries about why Ginrai has still not arrived yet and calls Diver to ask whether something bad happened to Ginrai. Diver tells Hawk not to worry because Ginrai resembles the "hero".

Hydra and Buster arrive at the harbor and combine into Darkwings right after Hawk ends the call, forcing the Autobots change into their Transformer forms. Metalhawk gets struck down immediately by the Godmaster Brothers. While Hydra and Buster are having their moment, the cargo ship arrives at the harbor. Ginrai drives his truck out from the cargo boat in his Master Suit; he and the truck then transform into robot mode and use "Super-Soul Guts" to blow Hydra and Buster far away.

Hawk talks to Ginrai when the sun is about to set. Hawks think Ginrai must be the reincarnation of Optimus Prime since he is an Autobot savior with a solar-red body and a hot-blooded mind. This must be the power of the hero entrusted to him by the god of the universe. But Ginrai thinks he has nothing to do with that and just wants to do something he wants to do because he lives only once. That is the reason he joined the Autobots. Hawk is very happy about Ginrai and everyone welcomes him.


Featured characters

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Ginrai juniors manga
  • Minerva becomes a brunette. Her face is also drawn strangely, making her look younger in the last page.

Items of note

  • Giga and Mega are called the "Parents of the Decepticons".
  • According to the conversation of Hawk and the Autobot Pretenders while waiting for Ginrai at harbor, it seems Ginrai was discovered by Diver, Lander, and Phoenix in the United States. Diver then went back to Japan to join the Autobots there. Lander insisted that Ginrai join the Autobots.
  • Hawk wears his business suit in the manga for the first time.
  • Hawk is blonde in the Super-God Masterforce manga continuity.
  • Special moves in this issue:
    • Super-Soul Guts (Ginrai)
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