What, no energon Frankenstein rakes?

In the Energon series, the Omnicons and Terrorcons were capable of creating powerful weapons made from processed energon ore. Each Omnicon and Terrorcon mold came with a unique weapon, made up from multiple parts to serve multiple purposes.

In Japan, Takara took the molds for these weapons and produced numerous special redecoes for promotional purposes, often available for free with the purchase of larger toys. They also packaged new-color versions with the "powered up" redecoes of different characters in the normal retail line.

Hasbro would later create some exclusive energon weapons of their own, but in a much more limited capacity.

Note: Most exclusive energon weapons did not come with energon chips. Any that did are specifically mentioned below. It is also worth noting that the weapons from the Battle Ravage and Arcee molds were not made into special redecos, as not only did they require spring-loaded assembly, but their missiles and triggers were part of a different mold-sprue.

Japanese exclusive energon weaponsEdit

Energy Axe (Strongarm)Edit

  • Aqua Marine Energy Axe
Light blue, available at Toys "R" Us stores.
  • Black Hole Energy Axe
Black, available at Ito Yokado stores.
  • Clear Green Energy Axe
Green, available through TV Magazine''s "Transformers Fan Club" in a 2-pack with the "Clear Deep Blue Energy Spear".
  • Natural Green Energy Axe
Bright green, available at Hello Mac stores.
  • Violet Cluster Energy Axe
Purple, available at Jusco stores.
  • Energy Axe
Orange, came packaged with Roadbuster Wild.

Energy Spear (Skyblast)Edit

  • Clear Deep Blue Energy Spear
Blue, available through TV Magazine''s "Transformers Fan Club" in a 2-pack with the "Clear Green Energy Axe".
  • Corona Flame Energy Spear
Orange, available at Jusco stores.
  • Lightning Yellow Energy Spear
Yellow, available at Toys "R" Us stores.
  • Rodeo Magenta Energy Spear
Magenta, available at Ito Yokado stores
  • Royal Clear Energy Spear
Colorless, available at numerous chains.
  • Energy Spear
Light red, came packaged with Skyfire Sonic.

Energy Raiden (Divebomb)Edit

  • Energy Raiden Overdrive Edition
Opaque copper, availability unknown. Came with an energon chip.

Energy Blade (Cruellock)Edit

  • Energy Blade Phantom Night Edition
Black, availability unknown. Came with an energon chip.
  • Energy Blade
Purple, came packaged with Galvatron General.

Energy Cutter (Signal Flare)Edit

  • Energy Cutter Daylight Attack Edition
Yellow, availability unknown. Came with an energon chip.
  • Energy Cutter
Magenta, came packaged with Hot Shot Fire.

Energy Drill (Insecticon)Edit

  • Energy Drill
Yellow, came packaged with Nightscream Rebirth.

US exclusive energon weaponsEdit

  • Alpha & Omega Spears
Blue (Alpha) and purple (Omega). Both were give-aways at OTFCC 2004, given to attendees who filled out and turned in a multi-page Hasbro survey. Each came with an energon chip.

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