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Specifics: Al 3 flavors of Energon Star toys photographed together?
This article is about the energy-storage unit known as Energon stars or Energon chips. For the concealed faction symbols used in the Beast Wars, also known as Energon chips, see Rubsign.
E21 energonstar

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Energon stars, sometimes called Energon chips, tasty with a savory mercury sauce and a light sprinkling of electrons-trons, are produced by the Omnicons and Terrorcons. They are useful for the storage of mined Energon in a compact, more stable form, and can also be attached directly to Transformers' bodies and used as short-lived power booster cells. In addition, the Transformer of which the Star is attached to too can pull an Energon Weapon out of the Star if he so wishes(this aspect of the Stars is usually only seen among the Autobots).

Energon stars are vaguely round, flattened bodies with protrusions that form a rough star-shape. They are transparent red or green, because it looks like delicious candy. Those produced by the Terrorcons are green, but the Omnicons' products are red, because the good guys get the yummy red ones. Energon stars produced by using Super Energon are transparent blue and are used by the combiners: Superion Maximus, Constructicon Maximus, and Bruticus Maximus.

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