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Energon: We Bring Good Things to Life. Or bad things.

Energon Radiation is a form of radiation given off by Energon. Significantly more energon radiation is given off when energon is expended. Although it is required to provide Cybertronian life-forms with power, too much energon has been known to cause Transformers to overload after prolonged exposure.

Stable energon gives off a different type of radiation than unstable energon, though high concentrations of it are equally debilitating to Transformer life-systems.[1]

Close physical contact with Transformers will render anything around them noticeably radioactive. Fortunately energon radiation appears to have no effect on humans. Several hours inside Bumblebee made Sam Witwicky so radioactive he was giving off 14 Rads of energon radiation. Agent Simmons mentions Sam's radiation reading in the movie.</ref>[2]

Depending on continuity, energon radiation may also:


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  2. Transformers The Game establishes the radiation in question is energon radiation.