Delivering a stabilizing dose of Energon, the Energon patch was developed by Boulder to ensure that a bot who scanned a techno-organic source is not overcome by the organic and bestial nature resulting from the DNA of the original.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Land Before Prime"

Optimus Prime scanned the techno-organic Trex in order to gain a dinosaur alt-mode and pacify the dinosaurs who had emerged from under Wayward Island.

"Big Game"

However, scanning a creature that is part biological and part machine can have unexpected results, which became apparent during a race between Optimus, the Rescue Bots and surprise entrant, Frankie Greene atop Trex. Optimus elected to switch into dino-mode part way through the race, but became overcome by the primitive instincts provided by the scanned dinosaur DNA and turned feral, rampaging through the main township of Griffin Rock with a terrified Cody Burns still a passenger inside, before being captured by Quint Quarry and spirited away.

Boulder, in conjunction with Graham Burns and Doc Greene diagnosed Optimus with low Energon levels resulting from the effort of undertaking the scan, rendering him susceptible to the effects of the dinosaur DNA, and developed the patch to counteract it. However, before deploying it onto Optimus, Boulder insisted on testing it on himself, scanning a triceratops mode and then waiting for his own low Energon level to result in him turning similarly feral. Sure enough, his behavior turned bestial, and Doc, Frankie and Graham quickly applied the patch, returning him to his good-natured self.


Optimus had been taken to Quarry's private island and was quickly tracked down. An accurate lob from Graham landed the Energon patch on the Autobot leader's hindquarters, and after a few tense moments while it took effect, Optimus returned to normal, teaming up with Boulder to defeat Quarry, who still managed to escape.

"Quarry's Quarry"

Quarry returned, determined to obtain a set of robotic dinosaurs, and kidnapped Anna Baranova to coerce Doc Greene into constructing them, oblivious to the true nature of the two he had already encountered. Heatwave, Chase and a particularly reluctant Blades agreed to scan dinosaur modes of their own to join Optimus Prime and Boulder, satisfying Quarry's demand. As a precaution, all five Autobots applied Energon patches to ensure they remained in command of their faculties during the mission.

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