This article is about the actual sword. For the episode which introduces it, see Megatron's Sword.

This article is about the sword forged from Megatron's spark. For the Mini-Con weapon, see Energon Saber.

The Energon Sword is a weapon from the Energon portion of the Unicron Trilogy.
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Not as clumsy or as random as a blaster, but an elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

Originally forged from the Spark of Megatron himself, the Energon Sword is a powerful bladed weapon, capable of knocking Autobots around with ease. On rare occasion, it's actually been used to cut things.

It's also been known as "Megatron's sword" and "the Star Saber", even though neither name makes any sense.

Japanese name: Megatron Sword


Energon cartoon

When Alpha Q's Terrorcon forces proved insufficient in the mission to steal energon from the Autobot, the deranged alien sought to use the deactivated Megatron, whose body was at the time trapped in the dormant husk of Unicron, to turn the Decepticons to his side. Failing to reawaken the slumbering Megatron, Alpha Quintesson instead used an injection of energon to forge the Energon Sword from his spark itself. He then gave the sword to Scorponok, to use as proof of Megatron's existence, which he hoped would convince the Decepticons to join his forces, and also as proof of his leadership over the Decepticons pro tem. During a battle at Plains City, Optimus Prime, Demolishor and Cyclonus all recognized the sword as the essence of Megatron, and Cyclonus switched sides instantly. Demolishor was less convinced, but when Ironhide knocked the sword from Scorponok's grip with the Energon Saber, the blade landed in the ground in front of the quivering Decepticon. Demolishor slowly reached for the sword, but was stopped by Kicker. Tidal Wave recovered the sword and the Decepticons retreated. Megatron's Sword

Scorponok brought the Energon Sword into battle again when the Autobots were establishing their Blizzard City. Signal Flare scanned the sword during the battle, acquiring the technical information that would allow the Omnicons to forge duplicates of the sword out of energon. The New Cybertron City

When Alpha Q discovered that the energon the Terrorcons were bringing to Unicron was being diverted away from its purpose of resurrecting the chaos-bringer, Scorponok realized that the dormant Megatron was responsible, having drawn the energon into his body to engineer his rebirth. Attempting to put a stop to the energon theft, Scorponok stabbed Megatron's corpse with the Energon Sword, but (not unsurprisingly), this act merely restored the Decepticon leader's spark to his body, allowing Megatron to be fully reborn. The Energon Sword was absorbed into his body, and Megatron became able to summon it from within himself to wield as his personal weapon. Megatron Resurrected

When Megatron led an attack on the Autobots' Ocean City, the Omnicons rushed to complete their mass-production of their duplicate Energon Swords, completing the process at the eleventh hour. Kicker used a clone sword to hack his way through a wave of Terrorcons, and then handed the blade off to Optimus Prime, who engaged Megatron in a sword fight of explosive proportions. Eventually, faced with the threat of an Autobot army all wielding duplicate swords surrounding them, Megatron and the Decepticons opted for retreat. Megatron Raid

Some time later, enraged at the Autobots' continued use of the clone swords, Megatron used the power of Unicron to reformat his sword into an even more powerful weapon. The sword was transformed into a combination cannon/blade weapon that mounted on Megatron's forearm, which was certainly powerful, but... never actually played a role in the story again. Energon Tower


  • The North American dub of the Energon cartoon never once managed to get the name or origin of the sword right. It's first referred to as "the Star Saber", which is a different weapon entirely. It's then called "Megatron's sword", and spoken of as if Megatron had used it before, which is not correct either. As noted above, it was supposed to have been created from the spark of Megatron, hence everyone's recognition of its association with him, but this fact was among the countless plot points lost in the North American dub of the cartoon.




Decept... Decept... Decept... Decepticons, ho!

  • Megatron (Leader Class, 2004)
Megatron's toy includes a clear plastic Energon Sword blade. The blade stores inside the nosecone of his vehicle mode, which becomes a back-mounted "scabbard" in robot mode. The blade is removed and wielded by plugging Megatron's tank into the hilt of the scabbard; the blade snaps into place, and when the tank is withdrawn, the blade comes with it. The tank can then be mounted on Megatron's arm with the sword ready for a bit of slashing action. Striking the sword against another surface activates an electronic clashing sound, and illuminates the blade with a red LED. Sadly, the toy's articulation makes it hard for "more intense" action poses.
  • Megatron Energon Sword (Roleplay, 2004)
This sizeable roleplay version of the Energon Sword is 33" long when its collapsible blade is extended to its maximum length. A concealed button at the base of the handle activates the sword's electronics (powered by two C-cell batteries), beginning with a "powering up" sound effect, leading into a constant electronic humming noise. The translucent green blade is illuminated (somewhat dimly) by a bulb within the hilt, and when the sword is struck against a surface, the light flickers in concert with one of two sound effects (the blade being swung, and the blade clashing). Pressing the large white button bearing Decepticon insignia activates the classic transformation sound effect, and causes two "Hyper Power" blades to pop out of the side of the hilt. Pressing the power button a second time triggers a "power down" noise, and the sword's electronics turn off. The sword is remarkably solid – the blade does not easily collapse once extended, and you know that more than a few kids hurt someone with it.
The stock photography featured on the sword's packaging (seen at right) features several differences from the finished sword, chiefly a blade that is around 50% longer, with a much pointier tip and reversed Hyper Power blades. In addition, the finished sword is missing all the painted purple details on the blade, likely because repeated extension and collapse of the blade would subject them to serious scratching). The three largest light purple details on the hilt are replaced with dark green ones, while the others, along with all the black detailing (save for the grip), are removed entirely
  • Powerlinx Optimus Prime vs. Megatron (Multi-pack, 2004)
This Hasbro release of the Japanese Ultra Class Galvatron features the same gimmick, except the clashing sound is different, and the blade is formed from translucent green plastic. And yet still illuminated with a red light.
  • Galvatron (Leader Class, 2004)
A redeco of the first Megatron toy, this figure renders the Energon Sword in translucent orange.


  • Galvatron (Ultra Class, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: SD-07
This downsized version of Megatron features the same gimmick, except the clashing sound is different, and the blade is formed from translucent green plastic. And yet still illuminated with a red light.
  • Galvatron G (Ultra Class, 2004)
    • Japanese ID number: SD-20
A redeco of Superlink Galvatron, this figure renders the Energon Sword in translucent yellow.
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