Energon Stars is the second episode of Energon. It first aired in the United States on February 07, 2004 on Cartoon Network.



The Autobots prepare for the Terrorcons' second strike, but it's not where they expected.


Alexis, now an official of some importance, is driven into Ocean City on Earth. She meets Sally, but can't stay and chat—she has a meeting, much to Sally's disappointment. Meanwhile, Kicker is marveling at his new armour in his room, when an alarm sounds. He panics, and trips over a conveniently placed bench—then realizes, much to his frustration, that the alarm is sounding for the meeting. At the meeting, Prime, Hot Shot, Demolishor and others watch a satellite transmission showing a motionless Tidal Wave, repeating his name and being carried away by a swarm of Terrorcon jaguars. A closeup reveals that the creatures eat Energon. Alexis explains that they are high-tech androids, called Terrorcons. Optimus deduces that their next target will be Earth's Energon mines, and Alexis agrees. However, to fight the Terrorcons would go against the Earth Federation Treaty, which forbids Transformers to take up arms against each other. Kicker doesn't take well to this, of course, interrupting the meeting. Alexis concludes that the only option is to evacuate Cybertron City. On cue, Kicker starts shouting and arguing against this option, demanding that nobody take him away from Earth. Optimus allows him to stay on Earth with the Transformers, but tells him he'd better learn to follow orders. Strongarm wonders if the Omnicons will be evacuated too, but before he can get an answer, Skyblast verbally drags him away to get back to work. As the evacuation of the city proceeds, Kicker watches Sally leave and comments on how strange it will be without them. Ironhide informs him that he is now Kicker's guardian. Neither Kicker nor Ironhide are particularly happy about the situation. Optimus Prime sends a radio transmission informing the other troops that they are moving to Defcon level 4 and that they know very little about their enemy. All the humans have been evacuated, except for Mika and Kicker, as the city submerges. Ironhide grumbles about having to guard a boring human and vows that one day he'll get his Spark of Combination... then reality sets in and Ironhide deflates. On the Moon, Cyclonus can hardly wait for the battle to start, already firing off his guns. His shots are answered as a horde of Terrorcons attacks. Prime is taken by surprise, having anticipated an attack on Earth. Jetfire prepares to take the Space Bridge to the Moon as an initial reinforcement, and Kicker insists on coming along, to Ironhide's relief. Cyber City raises, activating the space bridge. Hot Shot assures Ironhide that Prime will hear about it if he does well. The Omnicons power up Prime's team with Energon cells, and the team then drives off into the sky. On the Moon, Jetfire and Kicker have their hands full. Prime's team arrives and counterattacks, while Ironhide heads for the Energon mines. After passing several fallen Transformers near the entrance, Ironhide heads down the elevator shaft, interrupting the Terrorcons at work there. Despite his Energon Star running out, he holds his own against them for a while, till Kicker and the others arrive to back him up. The surviving Terrorcons retreat. The Autobots return to Earth with the damaged Ironhide, who blames himself for the loss. Kicker starts to storm off, but Prime forcefully reminds him that Ironhide's his partner, so the human tries to cheer him up—by kicking and arguing with him, of course. It works, and a spot of humor for the others to watch ensures. Demolishor asks what happened on the Moon and if they saw Cyclonus there. The Autobots report that there was no trace of him, to Demolishor's concern. Prime starts to remember something, but stops short of sharing it with the others. Alpha Q muses that his army will soon be more powerful even than the Decepticons, as Scorponok arises...


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English dub changes


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"I ordered you to team up with Ironhide! Or did you forget that."
"Aw, gimme a break."
"If you want to ignore my orders, then I have no choice but to send you back to your mother."
"You wouldn't!"
"Try me."

Optimus knows how to push Kicker's buttons


Lost in Translation

  • In Super Link, Alexis doesn't just tell Sally about a meeting; she has her help assemble everyone. Sally is a bit unsure about telling her brother. The dub mangles their conversation in all sorts of strange ways, including having Sally say that she thought she'd never get past Demolishor (even though she lives in the city), and having her ask Alexis if she's seen Kicker around — even though Alexis just got there.
  • Alexis identifies the attackers as Transformers, not Terrorcons as in the dub.
  • In Energon, Alexis says that the Earth government has declared that Transformers can't take up arms against other Transformers. What she's supposed to be explaining is that the Earth government has declared the battle to be entirely between Transformers, and hence is unwilling to interfere. That is why Kicker abruptly blows his stack at Alexis and everyone else.
  • The dub then makes it sound like Alexis is calling for the evacuation of the entire planet, rather than just Ocean City.
  • Subtitles in the Superlink version identify Plains City, Jungle City, and Desert City during Prime's evacuation announcement. They remain unnamed in the dub.
  • Superlink Ironhide is more angry that Kicker gets to leave ahead of him than relieved at being rid of him.
  • Optimus originally tells the overconfident Ironhide not to rely too heavily on the Energon Star, a point lost in the dub.

Pain Count

  • "Uh?": 29
  • Stock footage: 3
  • Listen up: 1
  • It's time to: 2
  • (X) is counting on you/me/us: 1
  • "Gimme a break": 2
  • "You can't be serious": 1
  • Like: 2
  • Aw man: 4

Animation and/or technical glitches

Continuity errors

  • The Mars base is misidentified as "Cyber City"; later Ocean City is misidentified as "Cybertron City" and "Cyber City".
  • Is she "Misha" or "Mika"?
  • Are they Energon cells per the dialog, or stars per the title? (Never mind that they're energon chips in the toyline...)
  • Ironhide doesn't even fire a shot before his energon star fades out.
  • Prime is initially fine with Kicker running off with Jetfire, yet later berates him for not teaming up with Ironhide.









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