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E04 energonsaber


The Energon Saber is a mighty blade composed largely of pure Energon, due to the component Mini-Cons having spent years embedded in pure Energon deposits. Though not as powerful as the legendary Star Saber sword, the Energon Saber is still a mighty weapon. With its strength, even a human like Kicker can hold his own against far larger Transformers.

The Energon Saber is composed of three Mini-Cons...

  • Scattor the Cybertronian "X-Wing" jet and blade-middle.
  • Skyboom the Cybertronian shuttle and sword-hilt.
  • Wreckage the Cybertronian star cruiser and blade-tip.


Energon cartoon

Dreamwave Energon comic



  • Energon Saber (Basic, 2004)
Japanese ID number: SC-08
The Energon Saber was available only as a Basic-class set of three Mini-Cons; Scattor, Skyboom and Wreckage. All three Cybertronic aircraft combine to form the blade, which can be held by any other toy that uses 5mm weapon-ports, or can be attached via Powerlinx Mini-Con plugs.
The same molds were used for the Blizzard Saber and the Sky Terror Mini-Con Team. The original toolings were used to make the Star Saber and the Dark Saber.
  • Kicker (Microman, 2004)
Japanese ID number: SC-14
A small, non-transforming silver version of the Energon Saber comes packaged with the Super Link Kicker toy. This accessory has a two-level grip-post so it can be held in Kicker's Microman-style hands, plus any larger Transformers toy that uses 5mm pegs. It also has several Powerlinx sockets on its backside.
  • STD Grand Convoy and Kicker (Multi-pack, 2004)
Japanese ID number: SS-03
For the two-pack version of the Microman Kicker toy, the Energon Saber was given a golden chrome covering.
  • Kicker Energon Edition (Microman, 2004)
The Lucky Draw version of Kicker comes with a chromed-red version of the Energon Saber accessory.

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