The Energon Prod is Knock Out's primary weapon. It can be used to electrocute enemies and seems to have multiple strength settings that can knock out, paralyze, and just plain induce agony in both humans and Cybertronians.

Transformers: Prime

"Out of the Past"

Starscream examined an Energon prod on Shockwave's table in his lab on Kaon.  

"Darkness Rising, Part 3"

Three years later, he used one to interrogate William Fowler as to the location of the Autobot base on Earth. As he had suspected, Energon and human nervous systems did not mix. It had the side-effect of leaving Fowler completely and utterly incoherent. 

"Deus ex Machina"

Knock Out used an Energon prod as his primary weapon, electrocuting Optimus Prime while trying to capture the Energon Harvester, and later attempted to use it on Bulkhead. Bulkhead took it and used it on Breakdown instead. 

"Speed Metal"

Knock Out possessed a smaller prod in his vehicle mode, that he used to stop Vince from struggling after capturing him. It rendered Vince unconscious enough to not notice Transformer battles going on around him.

"Orion Pax, Part 1"

He later used the prod while assaulting a human military base. 

"The Human Factor"

Later still, he gleefully used the prod to electrocute and paralyze Cylas, mockingly telling him that, "Breakdown would be tickled", just before having him dragged away to his laboratory. 

"Chain of Command"

Starscream attempted to use an Energon prod to force some compliance from Predaking, the beast having been left in his care by Megatron and Shockwave. Shocking the beast very nearly got him roasted in retaliation, so Starscream wisely changed strategies. 


When Knock Out and Starscream accidentally turned Cylas into a Terrorcon, Knock Out attempted to subdue him with his Energon prod. Cylas promptly broke it in half. It has not been seen or used ever since.


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