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The name or term Matrix refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Matrix (disambiguation).

The Energon Matrix is a device from the Beast Wars era of the Japanese version of the Generation One continuity family.

Mmmmm Matrixy...

The Energon Matrix is a powerful device awarded only to high-ranking members of the Maximal army, most often of Convoy rank. During Optimus Prime's time, there was only one Matrix of Leadership, but by Lio Convoy's time, multiple Matrices had been constructed.

The Energon Matrix amplifies the strength and power of the Convoy who wields it. They can summon the power of the Energon Matrix to energize their body and amplify their natural skills, or they can unleash the power of the Matrix in one magnificent blast. If two or more Convoys do it at once, they can combine the blasts to increase their effectiveness.

Additionally, Vector Sigma is capable of speaking through Big Convoy's Matrix, whether he likes it to or not.

Matrix bearers[]

The following characters are specifically known to have an Energon Matrix (exceptions are specifically noted).


Beast Wars II[]

Both Lio Convoy and Optimus Primal were shown to have an Energon Matrix. When they teamed-up to take down Majin Zarak, they displayed the various functions of the Energon Matrix. Lio Convoy used the power of his Matrix to upgrade his speed by transforming himself into Flash Lio Convoy. Optimus Primal did a similar move by upgrading his strength as Burning Convoy.

After that, they then unleashed the power of their Matrices and combined the force into a "Double Matrix Blast". This move sent a torrent of powerful energy directly into Majin Zarak, killing him.

Later, Optimus Primal's Energon Matrix was destroyed along with his body by the Vok Planet Buster.

However, it should be noted that in the U.S. Beast Wars continuity Optimus Primal does not have any kind of Matrix, nor for that matter is it implied that there is more than one.

Beast Wars Neo[]

One of the most skillful, yet most anti-social members of the Maximals, Big Convoy, was shown to carry a Matrix. However, Vector Sigma took a more proactive approach with Big Convoy than with most others. After each battle, Vector Sigma would speak through Big Convoy and dispense wisdom to his new recruits who so desperately needed it. Eventually, this sentimentality rubbed off on Big Convoy and he began dispensing wisdom all on his own.

When Unicron attacked Cybertron and possessed Vector Sigma, ultimately turning Cybertron into his new body, Big Convoy's Matrix proved to be the only thing capable of stopping him. When Unicron briefly exited Vector Sigma to do battle with the Maximals, Big Convoy removed his Matrix and used it to power his Big Cannon, turning it into the Matrix Buster. Firing a powerful blast of Matrix energy into Unicron, the Chaos-bringer was seemingly destroyed and evicted from Vector Sigma.


  • Optimus Primal (Ultra, 1996/1997/1998)
Japanese ID number: C-1
The decoration at the center of Optimus Primal's chest is an ex post facto Energon Matrix.

"Pssst! Hey, buddy! Wanna buy a McGuffin?"

  • Lio Convoy (Ultra, 1998)
Japanese ID number: C-16
Lio Convoy's Energon Matrix is built into his left breast and is revealed by opening a panel.

Pimp My Ribcage.

  • Big Convoy (Ultra, 1999)
Japanese ID number: C-35
Big Convoy's Matrix is a separately molded piece that can be stored in his chest. It is a red orb with golden handles and cover.
This mold was also used to make Black Big Convoy's Matrix and Universe Nemesis Prime's Dead Matrix.
His Energon Matrix is the first removable figure with the name "Matrix".
  • Fire Convoy (Super, 2000)
Japanese ID number: C-001

Fire Convoy has a little door on his chest that hides a sculpted Matrix. It cannot be removed.


  • In the Car Robots continuity, Fire Convoy was stated to have an Energon Matrix. The nature of this Matrix was changed for the Robots In Disguise dub.