An Energon Harvester was used by the Ancients to harvest energon. As energon flows in the bodies of all Transformers, the Harvester can be a deadly weapon in Decepticon hands.

Transformers: Prime

"Deus Ex Machina"

When the Autobots detected an energon pulse in GreeceBulkhead, along with Miko, went to investigate. Bulkhead says the humans have hit an energon vein, but then they spotted a painting of a god wielding the Energon Harvester and figured one must be on Earth. Bulkhead encountered Breakdown at the construction site, which meant the Decepticons also knew about the Harvester. After some online searching, Raf found an identical orb in a museum, which Optimus Prime confirmed to be genuine.

Team Prime move into position around the museum, while Ratchet GroundBridged Miko, Raf, and Jack into the museum to steal the Harvester. Unfortunately, Knock Out and Breakdown attacked the Autobots, Soundwave   snatched the Harvester from the kids, and Miko was arrested. Bulkhead deduced Starscream would return to Greece to harvest the untapped energon source. Starscream had already demonstrated its power by absorbing the life from a Vehicon and was harvesting the energon when Bulkhead arrived. The Decepticon attempted to use it to kill Bulkhead, but he grabbed onto it, causing it to overload. Bulkhead threw the Harvester into the air, where it safely exploded.

Later, Agent Fowler gave a replica of the Harvester (made by Ratchet) to the museum and got Miko out of trouble with the security guard

Known Users


  • In Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, the Energon Harvester is a shotgun-like weapon that siphons energon from targets and utilizes that energon to repair its user. It fires a quick burst of moderately powerful rounds, best at close range, but the accuracy is pretty good for a shotgun.
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