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This article is about the Transformers franchise. For the energy source, see Energon.

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The Energon franchise is a followup to Armada. Its fiction is set in the same Unicron Trilogy universe, and it features many returning characters.

Japanese name: Superlink

The Energon franchise featured the following primary components:


Energon was saturated with frequent and obvious Generation One references and homages, presumably intended as a celebration of the Transformers' 20th anniversary year. Among them are:

Energon Scorponok toy

Scorponok, one of the line's many Generation One homages.

  • Inferno and his remold Roadblock are conceptually based on the Generation One characters Inferno and Grapple, who were likewise a red firetruck remolded into an orange construction crane.
  • Tow-Line's design draws heavily from the original toys of Ratchet and Ironhide. His colour scheme is based upon Generation One Skids.
  • And, of course, there's Optimus Prime.

A somewhat less convincing case can be made for Megatron = Thunderwing, but really now, who cares about anything after 1986, right?

New characters[]

A recurring theme in Energon is that of old characters getting new bodies, often ones with only tangential relation to their former appearance. This has led to fan speculation that Hasbro originally intended these toys—specifically, Snowcat, Mirage, and Demolishor—to be new characters, only to have that intent overridden by Takara and/or the producers of the cartoon, who made them into new versions of old characters.

The notion is not without precedent. Roadblock was treated by the cartoon as an upgraded Inferno—yet Hasbro issued a character bio which established him as a new and separate character.

Likewise, following in the footsteps of Armada redeco Thundercracker (who was cast as a powered-up Starscream by the cartoon), the redecos Landquake and Beachcomber were treated by the cartoon as powered-up versions of characters the molds were originally created for.