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Following the Dreamwave Productions series Armada, the Transformers: Energon storyline commenced, beginning with issue #19. Set ten years after the end of the Armada era, the series follows many of the same characters as they meet new allies and deal with new threats.

Transformers: Energon issues:
#19 | #20 | #21 | #22 | #23 | #24 | #25 | #26 | #27 | #28 | #29 | #30


The opening issue features several of the major players from that series recapping the events of Armada, with Optimus Prime displaying concern that the threat of evil was ever-present. Several characters have received their storyline upgrade to their Energon forms, while several, including Optimus Prime, have not. The story follows several plotlines: the child-like Omnicons' attempts to learn their way in the world, the attack of Unicron's "four horsemen" on Cybertron, the attempts of Megatron to forge himself a new body out of Unicron's husk, and the attacks of the Energon-ravenous Terrorcons.

The Energon series was planned to have an 18-issue arc, as did the Armada series. However, Energon and all other ongoing series were cut short due to Dreamwave's shutdown at the end of 2004. Energon ended with its 12th issue, issue #30 (December 2004 cover date); by chance, the issue wrapped up the current plotline, but it also left many overarching plot threads unresolved.

Cover art from issues #31–33 have appeared on Seibertron, among other places.

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Creative team

Like the majority of Armada, the series was written by Simon Furman and illustrated by a number of artists, including Guido Guidi, Joe Ng, James Raiz, Alex Milne and Marcelo Matere.


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