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Raw Energon Crystals

Crystals of raw Energon.

Energon or Blood of the Creator, as the fans call it, is a fuel the main substance and valued resource used by all Cybertronians for food, medicine and for their own biology. It is the blood flowing inside and throughout their bodies. It is from the blood of their creator, Primus. It can be found in energon deposits sent from Cybertron or inside Cybertronians. Energon deposits are on Earth, but little are easily minable. Energon can not be combined with organic life forms, therefore, it can be harmful to humans if made contact, or as Starscream puts it, "Energon and human nerves systems don't mix!". But if humans are infected by Dark Energon, which also known as "The Blood of Unicron" then Light Energon can aid them, only with a professional Cybertronian scientist like Ratchet to help with the procedure.

Male and Female Cybertronians require Energon in order to live their lives anywhere they go. Energon can be converted into ammunition and energy for Energon-dependent weapons and equipment. Cybertronians refine Energon for fuel in their health and technology. Once Energon is refined, it's formed into a liquid state and it can be placed into containment units.

In battle, Energon is spilled from poor victims. Once energon is spilled from Cybertronians, it cannot be reused.

Cybertronians rely on this matter to survive. This pure substance played a role in the conflict between Autobots and Decepticons in order to gain control over it. 

Energon doesn't have an exact taste and it is unknown if Cybertronians can actually drink Energon (though Predacons were revealed to be able to do so in the covenant of Primus). Autobots and Decepticons inject themselves with Energon to fuel up usually.

For Liquified Energon, see here.

Darkness Rising, Part 1[]

Blue Energon can be seen from Cliffjumper's mouth. As Starscream killed Cliffjumper, energon leaked from Cliff's body and onto the floor.

Darkness Rising part 2[]

Megatron uses Dark Energon to turn Cliffjumper's dead body into a Terrorcon. Some Dark Energon leaked on Arcee's hand when she tried to save Cliffjumper but failed.

Masters and Students[]

Soundwave gives Starscream an energon cube to revive Skyquake's stasis chamber.

Con Job[]

Starscream leaks blue energon from his mouth after Wheeljack attacked him.

Sick Mind[]

Optimus's optic sensor gets infected by a plagued Cybertronian who died from the sickness on the ship.

Operation: Breakdown[]

Breakdown's energon wasn't seen to be spilled on screen as MECH dissected him.

Metal Attraction[]

When Arcee scraped Airachnid, Airachnid's energon is seen on her face.


When Starscream scrapped Arcee on her side, Arcee leaks her energon on the ground. As she battles Starscream, Arcee holds her wounded side to stop her energon from coming out. Arcee's wound was healed by Ratchet but she was still holding on to her side.

Stronger, Faster[]

Ratchet injects Synthetic Energon into himself and slowly starts to change. When Megatron punched Ratchet on the side, Ratchet leaked the synthetic energon on the ground. After Ratchet was rescued by the Autobots, Knock Out discovered a small drop on the broken container that he filled with the leaked energon.

One Shall Fall[]

Optimus punched Megatron so many times that Megatron leaked Dark Energon from his mouth. After Optimus was knocked to the ground by Megatron, Dark Energon began to come out of the volcano that was behind them.

One Shall Rise, Part 1[]

Dark Energon was coming from the volcano site that Megatron and Optimus was fighting near. It was revealed that Unicron's blood was coming from the Chaos bringer, who is inside the Earth.

One Shall Rise, Part 2[]

Megatron revealed that he can track Unicron's blood and he can help the Autobots defeat Unicron.

One Shall Rise, Part 3[]

Unicron's spark was revealed in this episode and his spark is made of Dark Energon.

Operation: Bumblebee, Part 2[]

M.E.C.H. and Starscream uncovered an Energon source full of Energon crystals which they took to fuel for Project Chimera.


Airachnid leaked a lot of Energon when Breakdown and Dreadwing hunted her down. Starscream leaked energon from his side after being attacked by Airachnid's insecticon. Megatron leaked energon when fighting the insecticon.

Nemesis Prime[]

M.E.C.H. used Energon to fuel Nemesis Prime.


Bulkhead uncovered some Energon deposits from a Decepticon mine. Starscream used some of his Energon to fuel his his clones.

Flying Mind[]

Megatron used Dark Energon to resurrect the Nemesis.


Bulkhead leaked Energon after his fight with Hardshell.

New Recruit[]

Red Energon was discovered by the Autobots and Starscream and tried to get it.


Megatron used Dark Energon for his sword.

Hard Knocks[]

Starscream used the Red Energon he stoled to knock out Smokescreen and get the Omega Key from him.

Inside Job[]

Starscream used the remaining Red Energon to steal the Omega Keys from the Autobots.


Insecticons were sent to save an Energon mine, but they were tricked by the Autobots.

Project Predacon[]

Ultra Magnus told Smokescreen to help stack up some Energon cubes. Ratchet told Optimus that he was working on his synthetic energon experiment despite the lack of technology he was given.


Knock Out used Dark Energon, under Starscream's order, to infect Silas. This ended in a disaster and Silas started to drain the Energon out of several Vehicons turning them into Terrorcon craving monsters.


Team Prime went to uncover an Energon mine despite their reserves at a critical low. They succeed in bringing back some Energon to the base.


Ratchet was captured and decided to help the Decepticons in making his unfinished synthetic Energon experiment for the new Omega Lock. The formula was completed when Ratchet tried to escape the ship and was used to power the Omega Lock.


When Megatron shot Bumblebee, his body fell in the Omega Lock's Cybermatter. When Bumblebee was resurrected by the Cybermatter, he killed Megatron with the Star Saber, which Megatron was bleeding from his chest where he was impaled. Dark Energon was stained on the sword when Megatron's lifeless husk fell to Earth.

Predacons Rising[]

Unicron used his Dark Energon to revive Megatron and used his body as a vessel. In Shockwave's hidden lab, Skylynx and Darksteel knocked over some Energon cubes. Optimus trapped Unicron's dark energon spirit in the AllSpark's container.


  • Regular Energon could be considered like regular Earth water. The types of Energon may apply to water related or containing products, such as Synthetic Energon with energy drinks to Cybertronians.


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