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Specifics: Lineup of the 4 G1 energo-sword toys?

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An energo weapon is a melee weapon that uses energon to power a shaped energy field that significantly enhances the cutting and blunt-impact properties of the weapon. When the fuel cell is consumed, the weapon can still be used at its "normal" potency.[1]

Blitzwing's electron scimitar operates on the same principle and is also energon-powered, but the mechanism differs.[1]

Let's just face it: The Dinobots like to kill things. They like it a lot. And they like to get up close and personal when doing it. But there are times when teeth and tail just won't cut it. When that time comes, the Dinobots will typically use their energo-swords.

Except for Swoop, who uses a thermal sword. He likes to be different.

And Slag and Snarl—they got a new kinetic sword and vigor sword, respectively, in Generation 2.

Energo weapons


Generation One

Marvel comics continuity

M41 bahgrimlocksenergosword

Ratbat led an ambush on both Fortress Maximus and Grimlock's respective Autobot contingents while Grimlock and Blaster dueled for leadership on Earth's moon. While the Decepticon forces overwhelmed the Autobots on the surface of the Moon, the island base attacked the Autobots from above, protected by a force field. However, Grimlock's energo-sword was able to cut through the force field, allowing Blaster to shoot the island base with his Electro-Scrambler, forcing a Decepticon retreat. Totaled!

G1 Grimlock vs demons

Sometimes me Grimlock like to munch metal. Sometimes me like to slash it. It depend on what mode me Grimlock am in.

Later, Grimlock fought off some Demons with his energo-sword after becoming an Action Master. Much fun was had. Except for the Demons. Still Life!

Cartoon continuity

Apparently, Snarl's energo-sword can fire energy blasts. He did this when the Constructicons attacked the Autobots' base in an attempt to destroy Teletraan I. Heavy Metal War Later, after going to Dinobot Island, Snarl used the energo-sword for shooting at rocks during target practice. He needs to work on his aim. Dinobot Island, Part 2 Likely due to censorship policies, the energo-swords were never used for traditional hacking and slashing, which completely and utterly sucked.

Dreamwave comics continuity

While searching for Optimus Prime, Grimlock used his energo-sword as a grapple to lower himself down a chasm. That's pretty handy for a weapon. Later, he shoved the energo-sword into the Autobot leader's hands, telling Prime to prove himself by killing Megatron, or Grimlock would kill him. The War Within, Part 5 Optimus Prime used the weapon to beat Megatron senseless, but spared his life and left the energo-sword behind. Considering the fact that Optimus Prime wasn't immediately slagged, it appears that Grimlock didn't really care. The War Within, Part 6

After learning that Jetfire was meeting Shockwave in the Neutral Territories, Grimlock decided to kill them both and attempted to use his energo-sword to decapitate Jetfire. When the Fallen appeared, Grimlock tried to destroy him, but the Fallen merely grabbed the energo-sword's blade with his bare hand. Sometimes, it really helps to be on fire. The Dark Ages, Part 4



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