Galvatron auditions for a part in Jaws 5.

Shockwave hastily attacks Galvatron and plays right into the future Decepticon's hands.

Marvel UK > Issues #152-153
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Marvel UK issues #152-153

Writer: Simon Furman
Pencillers: Jeff Anderson
Inks: Stephen Baskerville
Lettering: Glib
Colours: Steve White

  • Originally published: 13th February 1998 - 20th February 1988


Having recently escaped from his entombment in Mount Verona, Galvatron approaches the Decepticons' island base, causing Shockwave to fear for his position as leader. Against Soundwave's recommendation he unleashes the Seacons who have recently arrived on Earth to fortify the base. They attack Galvatron much to the future Decepticon's amusement.


The new Monster Olympics gets off to a good start.

Meanwhile, on the surface the Sparkabots, on Springer's orders, have been tracking Galvatron since his escape from the volcano. As they plan what action to take they are attacked by the Firecons who have been sent to Earth to forge an alliance between Galvatron and the Decepticons on Cybertron.

Galvatron makes short work of the Seacons even when they combine to form Piranacon. Shockwave begins to fear that he has made a terrible mistake by attacking Galvatron so hastily and he gathers the Decepticons together ready to fight Galvatron. Much to Shockwave's horror and surprise when Galvatron enters the base he informs the Decepticons that he had come in peace to form an alliance. But now because Shockwave chose to attack him he is now their enemy.

Galvatron then leaves Shockwave to deal with his angry troops. His plan had always been to undermine Shockwave's leadership so that the Decepticons would ultimately welcome him when he later takes control.

As he comes out of the ocean Galvatron is approached by the Firecons with an offer of an alliance. He laughs the suggestion off and leaves the Firecons and Sparkabots alone on the beach. Shockwave decides that what he needs is an expendable weapon and begins his search for Megatron.


"What is this? Shockwave sends fish against me? Does he expect me to laugh myself to death?"
"Laugh this off, Galvatron! No-one badmouths Skalor and lives!"
Galvatron slugs Skalor
"Sadly, that is no longer the case!"

Galvatron makes Skalor look like a tool.


  • Fizzle and Sizzle's colour schemes were reversed so that Fizzle appeared in red and Sizzle in blue.
  • Snaptrap's name is consistently spelt as two words - Snap Trap.
  • Flamefeather's chest gains a feathered pattern between parts 1 and 2.

Items of note

  • First appearance of the Seacons.
  • First appearance of the Sparkabots.
  • First appearance of the Firecons. Did Hasbro UK order all this product placement at once?
  • The Seacon known as Jawbreaker in the comic was released as a toy under the name of Overbite. A letters page later clarified that Shockwave arbitrarily renamed Jawbreaker "Overbite" when he arrived on Earth, but that everyone still called him Jawbreaker.
  • Shockwave is a jerk.
  • For some reason the Sparkabots are here referred to as the Sparkler Mini-Bots.
  • The Cybertronian Autobots are aware of the fate of Ultra Magnus and Galvatron from "Ladies' Night".
  • Following the demise of the UK Action Force (G.I. Joe) comic after 50 issues, Transformers issue #153 saw the comic start to reprint US G.I. Joe stories as the regular back-up strip. The comic's name was changed to The Transformers and Action Force.
  • Additionally the Robo-Capers strip was replaced by Action Force's Combat Colin.


  • This story was reprinted in Collected Comics #14. A printing error resulted in the inversion of the colours on page five of part two.

Covers (2)


152 cover


153 cover

    • UK issue 152 cover: Galvatron battles the Seacons, by Lee Sullivan.
    • UK issue 153 cover: Action Force burst into the comic, by Lee Sullivan.
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