Enemy is a Decepticon Mini-Cassette in the Generation One continuity family.

Not to be confused with Cobra, the Enemy.

Enemy is one who feels hatred toward, intends injury to, or opposes the interests of another; a foe. He is a hostile power or force, or possibly something destructive or injurious in his effects.

For example, if one were not to want to sound like a robot, Enemy would, counter to this one's desires, change this being's voice into sounding like that of a robot's. And he would do this with only one part of his body; nay, the only part of his body he has.

He is a bastard nemesis.


Dreamwave comics continuity


Could it be? Is it he?

While Shockwave led most of the Decepticon army into Iacon, several of Optimus Prime's troops snuck into Kolkular to end Megatron's plan to transform Cybertron into a spacefaring warship. Enemy, the Constructicons, Thrust, and others countered the Autobots when they were discovered. The War Within issue 5

Note: It's possible that Enemy was merely a miscolored Frenzy or Rumble, even though The War Within didn't shy away from using Microchange or Diaclone versions of toys as characters.


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Specifics: AM Radio toy

  • Enemy (AM Radio and Headset)
Enemy first appeared in 1984 as part of a working AM radio & headset, a piece of merchandise made by Nasta under the "Power Tronic" imprimatur. Featuring a large wearable Decepticon symbol belt-clip, removing this item revealed Enemy, a solid red (with blue thighs and upper arms) simplification of the Rumble/Frenzy mould. Permanently attached to the radio, Enemy could not be removed without breakage, but could neverthless transform in situ.
  • Enemy (voice changer)
Enemy was given life again the following year when Nasta released a voice-changer in 1985. A large disembodied head, Enemy again looked like a red Frenzy/Rumble, but this time with proper silver face detailing. If a kid talked into a headset that plugged into Enemy's noggin, his voice would be modified to sound robotic. Enemy came with a belt clip, power pack, headset with built-in microphone, and ran on a single 9 volt battery (not included).



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  • MC-01 Micross (Red) was a red cassettebot in Microchange which could retroactively be considered a version of Enemy. We like to think so, anyway.
  • Enemy is awesome.
  • Enemy could possibly be three times faster than most cassettebots, but his lack of media appearances make it hard to tell.
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