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[[../Endgame, Part II/Tech/Info/Episodes|Episode Endgame, Part II/Tech/Info/Episodes

Endgame, Part II/Tech/Info/Episodes Endgame, Part II/Tech/Info/Episodes Endgame, Part II/Tech/Info/Episodes Endgame, Part II/Tech/Info/Episodes]]

Lugnut, superior?

As the Lugnut Supreme clones move to attack Earth, the Autobots prepare the final battle.


No, Megatron inferior.

The Lugnut Supremes have arrived on Earth, and are attempting to destroy Sumdac towers. Prowl and Optimus Prime are en route to stop the attack, when the Decepticons switch their focus to attacking Detroit. Using Magnus' hammer, Optimus creates a tornado and uses it to send the Omega clones to Dinobot Island, although two thirds of them soon make their way back to the city.

Starscream (conveniently) pulls himself together and flies off to earth just before the search party of Bumblebee, Ratchet, and Bulkhead arrive on the moon, only to find Arcee instead. When Ratchet approaches her, Shockwave shoots them both, knocking Arcee offline. Ratchet attempts to fix her, with help from Sari , and Arcee comes back online. Fully online. Meanwhile, Bulkhead and Bumblebee battle Shockwave, with Bulkhead eventually prevailing. Badly damaged, Shockwave transforms back into Longarm and tries to distract them long enough to reach his weapon, only to have it destroyed by Bulkhead.

On Earth, Megatron arrives in Detroit to aid in the attack, only to be shot down by Optimus. The battle between the clones, Megatron, Optimus, and Prowl intensifies.

Arcee and Ratchet succeed in bringing Omega Supreme back online, and Lugnut is promptly ejected. With the Decepticons on the moon subdued, Omega flies to Detroit with the Autobots and their prisoners.

Starscream gains control of the clones, and announces that he has wired a self-destruct mechanism to each clone. Megatron attempts to disable the self-destruct devices, but only receives a shock for his efforts. Failing to disarm the clones, Megatron decides that if he can't destroy them, he will at least have the satisfaction of destroying Optimus Prime.

Omega Supreme arrives and wastes no time in taking down one of the clones, disabling the bomb in the process. Unfortunately, the final clone is about to go off. Jazz and Prowl use Processor over matter to locate the fragments of the Allspark, and recreate it. During this moment, They are spotted by Starscream. Going after the Allspark, he is caught up in the effect, and the Allspark fragment lodged in his head is wrenched out. Without the fragment powering him, Starscream falls to the streets below and dies.

Prowl realizes that the fragments they've gathered won't have the energy to contain the impending explosion, and over Jazz's objections, sacrifices his own spark to make up the difference A column of light comes around the clone, trapping it, and Optimus and Megatron still fighting in front of it, within a forcefield. Moments before the clone detonates, Prowl's ghost reaches into the field and pulls Optimus out.

Megatron survives and begins his final assault, but is beaten and stasis-cuffed by Optimus.

Aaaaaaannnnnndddddd, cue The Touch!

The Autobots return to Cybertron to bring the Decepticons to prison, along with the remaining Protoforms, Magnus' Hammer, and the Allspark. Prowl is honored as a true war hero. He shall live in our sparks forever.

'Til all are one?

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Substitute Autobots


Megatron: Ultra Magnus? Here?
(Sees that it's just Optimus Prime.)
Megatron: No, merely a cheap imitation.

— Optimus Prime being the knockoff of Ultra Magnus? That's definitely a switch.

Ratchet: Arcee! You're online!
Arcee: Yes young bots, we're all online. And I'm here to teach you what it means to be a Cybertronian.

— Ratchet... being called young... creepy.

Megatron: (to Optimus) You're a persistant little Autobot.
Optimus: My name is OPTIMUS PRIME!

— And at last Optimus gets his courage, and all it took was a jetpack and a weather-controlling hammer.

Megatron: If I cannot save my clones, at least I'll have the satisfaction of destroying you, Optimus Prime!
Optimus Prime: So you can remember my name.

— For the first time, Megatron actually says his Archnemesis' name. (and treats him like one)

Megatron: Lugnut? Attack! Your glorious leader commands you!

— At least he didn't say fabulous leader.

Jazz: We're gonna need more spark to shield the city from that blast.
Prowl: Can't... pull in... any more fragments... only... one way.
(Prowl starts to glow and rises toward the Allspark Fragments.)
Jazz: Prowl! No! we'll find another way!
(Prowl smiles sadly at Jazz, before being consumed by the AllSpark.)

— "Tell my tale to those who ask. Tell it truly, the ill deeds along with the good, and let me be judged accordingly. The rest...is silence..."

Megatron: What are you waiting for Autobot? Finish me... (The lightning comes into the Magnus hammer, and Optimus swings the hammer, giving the other Autobots a shocked look, when the camera comes back, the hammer crushed Megatron's cannon instead.)

Optimus Prime: That would be the easy way out Megatron, you don't deserve it... (He puts the statis cuffs on Megatron)

— That was awesome all on it's own, but you know what would have made it better? THE TOUCH.

Other notes

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • When the Autobots return on Cybertron, Arcee isn't there.

Transformer references

Quick! Hide- Oh, slag it.

  • The object around Optimus Prime's neck at the end of the episode looks exactly like the Matrix of Leadership. What, chained Matrix on the neck?
  • When Megatron attacks Optimus, he shoots him on the left side of his torso and just below his chest. Very familiar.
  • As Optimus made his approach to Megatron, Megatron mistook him for Ultra Magnus. Wondering why?
  • This isn't the first time Starscream turns black and white when dead.
  • At the huge ceremony at the end, the most triumphant version of "More Than Meets the Eye" is played through.

Miscellaneous trivia

Making fun of this would make one the biggest jerk on Cybertron.

  • Starscream flies off to Detroit when he knows that the bombs in the Omega clones will destroy it and "every bot in a hundred mile radius". Honestly, is he trying to get slagged?
    • Of course, being immortal, he may just wanted to be closer as Megatron was disintegrated.
  • Starscream FINALLY dies in this episode after his AllSpark fragment is pulled from his head by Prowl and Jazz's Processor over matter. Eighth time's the charm, apparently.
  • Ratchet, Bumblebee, and Bulkhead's transformation animations are all shown in this episode.
  • Prowl's sacrifice would not have been necessary had someone just used the blasted Plasma-Dynamic Thruster to transwarp the last bomb away. Urgh.
  • Megatron finally refers to Optimus by name.
  • Sari goes to the moon and, instead of leaving it a mystery as to how she breathes in a vacuum, she shows that her armored/robotic form allows her to survive without needing to breathe.

No, let's not be happy that the maniacal overlord of death is captured and all is at peace, let's get mad because the guy who trashed his autobot Academy status for you is getting praised.

  • Predictably, Sentinel doesn't look happy to see Optimus being praised.
  • Sari joined the Autobots in taking a bow before the crowd. She's in her full armored cyborg form, though — probably to avert the "Eek, organics!" her human form would elicit.
  • When Optimus Prime is flying towards Megatron for the first time, the Decepticon leader thought it was Ultra Magnus himself. Judging by how he said it, it may suggest that Megatron knows exactly the kind of bot Magnus is and would seem worried... or perhaps he's merely surprised that Ultra Magnus has recovered and coming to fight him.
    • And of course, he hasn't. Since Ultra Magnus is probably still on Spark Support.
  • Right before the bomb went off, the spirit of a deceased Autobot is seen Saving Prime's tailpipe at the last minute, proving that even in death, Prowl is awesome. It could be that Prowl has been merged with the AllSpark, a la Alpha Trion and Vector Sigma.
  • Prowl smiles. He has a nice smile. He should have smiled more often...
  • Hopefully bringing Megatron back to Cybertron won't turn out like last time.

Seeds of the future?

  • While Animated is not on Cartoon Network’s list of returning series, the Powers That Be have yet to make its cancellation official, with many sources being very tight-lipped about it. Writers did say that several plotlines planned for season four had to be folded into season three, but again, explicit confirmation of the series’ doom has yet to come. Only time (and the bottom line) will tell. Certainly, another season's worth of questions were left unanswered:
  • Many characters' fates remain unknown, including Decepticons who are in a position to remain a problem:
  • It’s made clear that not all of the AllSpark fragments were recovered. If we add up the characters known to be powered by them, including the Lugnut Supremes, the Constructicons, Starscream clones, Wreck-Gar, and Omega Supreme — at least 13 fragments are still out there. How many fragments are still "in the wild" are unknown.

Hey! I'm still alive!

  • Sari makes a connection with one of the Protoforms, and says it may be why she was supposed to be there. This is not further elaborated upon in this episode.
  • Speaking of Sari, we also don't know how Protoform Sari wound up on Earth.
  • It's still unknown whether or not Ultra Magnus has made a full recovery.
  • Blurr's fate is still a little blurry— unless Cliffjumper throwing him into the incinerator was really all there was to it. However, since this episode as well as Five Servos of Doom prove that turning gray upon death isn't reserved for Primes, the fact that the compacted Blurr kept his blue coloration suggests that he did survive his crushing.
  • Sometimes the title of the episode doesn't always mean it is the end. For example, the Japanese film Godzilla Final Wars wasn't the final movie of the franchise, the creators are making a new on in 2014. It is possible (and hopeful) that the creators are like him.

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