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Endgame, Part II/Tech/Info/Episodes Endgame, Part II/Tech/Info/Episodes Endgame, Part II/Tech/Info/Episodes Endgame, Part II/Tech/Info/Episodes]]

[[../Endgame, Part II/Tech/Info/Episodes|Episode Endgame, Part II/Tech/Info/Episodes

Endgame, Part II/Tech/Info/Episodes Endgame, Part II/Tech/Info/Episodes Endgame, Part II/Tech/Info/Episodes Endgame, Part II/Tech/Info/Episodes]]

As the Lugnut Supreme clones move to attack Earth, the Autobots prepare the final battle.

Japanese title: "The Final Battle! Suppress Megatron" (最終決戦!メガトロンを制圧せよ Saishū Kessen! Megatron wo Seiatsu-seyo)


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No, Megatron inferior.

Outside the plant, the Autobots observe the Lugnut Supremes hovering above Detroit. Bumblebee wonders what they are, and Ratchet assumes that Megatron repurposed Starscream's cloning technology to make clones of Omega Supreme. Aboard the main Lugnut Supreme, Megatron decides to start the field test with Sumdac Tower. Lugnut pontificates on the greatness of Megatron rather than getting it done, leading the annoyed Decepticon leader to ask Shockwave if he can control the clones directly yet. However, Shockwave is still working on finding the necessary security patches from Arcee's memory banks, and tells Megatron in an amused tone that he'll have to filter all orders for the clones through Lugnut.

In Detroit, the Lugnuts turn and open fire on Sumdac Tower. Fortunately, the force field goes up and protects the building. Unfortunately, it will only last for so long. Ratchet says that they need to launch an aerial assault with the Magnus Hammer, but Optimus Prime is a little unsure. Prowl then reinforces his leader's faltering confidence by promising to accompany him. Sari then offers to join them, and cuts off Optimus's "No, Sari—" with a rant about how she's always being told it's "too dangerous" for her to help, leaving her embarrassed when Prime says he was going to tell her to help protect the humans. He orders the others to help Sari in this, while he and Prowl take to the skies. Megatron initially assumes that the figure bearing the Magnus Hammer is Ultra Magnus himself, and is quite relieved when he sees it's only Optimus. The two airborne Autobots manage to avoid the missiles sent in their direction, but Prime's opening shot with the Magnus Hammer misses the Lugnuts. Ratchet says that he's receiving Omega's signal from the moon, and suggests they transwarp to the moon and sever Megatron's connection. Optimus approves, and orders him to take Bumblebee and Bulkhead with him. Prowl says that they need to bring the Lugnuts down all at once, and Optimus uses the Magnus Hammer to cause a tornado which sends the Lugnuts crashing toward Dinobot Island. Megatron, livid, tells Lugnut to abort the field test, but Lugnut is forced to inform him that Prime's attack managed to damage the one Megatron was in and disable the flight mechanisms of the other two. Furious, Megatron tells him to have the clones destroy everything except Megatron himself, then leaves his clone and assumes his flight mode, intending to take a more direct role.

At Sumdac Tower, Ratchet fires up the space bridge, ready to take Bumblebee and Bulkhead to retrieve Arcee and Omega Supreme. Sari decides to go with them, telling Isaac Sumdac that she needs to go. Transforming to her full robot mode, she jumps through the portal with the Autobots. On the moon, Starscream reassembles himself and immediately takes off for Earth, saying he has a surprise for Megatron. The Autobots transwarp in mere moments after he leaves, as Sari is momentarily stunned just by being on the Moon, while the Autobots are more surprised by the lack of Decepticons around. Over by Omega Supreme, Ratchet sees Arcee and runs to her. Unfortunately, she's reverted to her fugue Teacher Bot state. Worse, she's bait: Shockwave fires at them, barely missing them. Bumblebee and Bulkhead take on Shockwave, while Ratchet and Sari take Arcee inside Omega Supreme. Both bots are taken down, but Bulkhead manages to recover and charge Shockwave, knocking off his cannon. Shockwave briefly assumes his Longarm form and pleads for mercy, but Bulkhead destroys his cannon with his wrecking ball. Inside Omega Supreme, Ratchet discovers the damage to Arcee's processor is quite extensive, and any attempts to repair her could take her offline. Sari scans the malfunctioning intelbot and gives Ratchet instructions on how to use his EMP generator to restore her memory from her internal backups.

Over Detroit, Prime orders Prowl to break off from their fight with Megatron, find Jazz and try to slow the clones down. As he grapples with the Decepticon leader, he snaps and loudly declares his name after being patronisingly called "Autobot" by Megatron yet again.

In Omega Supreme, Ratchet manages to bring Arcee fully online, her memory back at the time it was when Lockdown captured them. Ratchet promises that they'll catch up in time, but right now they need her activation codes to retake control of Omega Supreme. Bumblebee and Bulkhead enter and say they've found something Sari needs to see.

Back on Earth, on the ground, Prowl and Jazz try to get inside the Lugnut Supremes, but their armor is too strong to cut through, and Jazz radios Prime with news of their failure. Optimus tells them that the only thing powerful enough to shield the city is the AllSpark, but it's scattered everywhere. In return, flushed by his recent success in reconstituting a fragment, Prowl theorizes that they can use processor-over-matter to make the AllSpark whole again. Prime is doubtful, but Prowl is adamant, and flies his fellow ninjabot to Sumdac Tower.

As Ratchet and Arcee make their way to Omega Supreme's head, Sari is brought before the protoforms, and—believing this to be where she came from—gets a moment of closure from the experience. Outside, Ratchet uses his magnets to keep Arcee above Omega's face and the fembot uploads the codes, severing Lugnut's control over him. Omega Supreme ejects the massive Decepticon and heads for Earth once Sari and all the Autobots are aboard, with the three remaining protoforms.

On Earth, with Lugnut no longer guiding them, the clones briefly shut down... then reactivate with Starscream's face. The treacherous Decepticon tells Megatron that he planted bombs in the clones, aiming to destroy him and everything within a hundred-mile radius. Unable to remove the bombs inside, Megatron decides to instead destroy Optimus Prime, using the Autobot captain's name for the very first time. At Sumdac Tower, the force field fails much to Isaac Sumdac's distress, and Prowl and Jazz direct him to the building's bomb shelter, before they begin using processor-over-matter to collecting AllSpark fragments. Starscream arrives to observe the death of Megatron, but his AllSpark fragment suddenly begins pulling him toward the AllSpark being formed by Jazz and Prowl. Starscream panics and tries to destroy the two ninja-bots, but his AllSpark fragment is pulled from his head, and Starscream falls to the ground, dead.

Quick! Hide... oh, slag it.

Omega Supreme arrives and begins fighting the two clones. He is able to defeat one and disarm its bomb, but the other knocks him aside and forces him back to ship mode. At Sumdac Tower, Jazz says that they don't have enough Spark to shield the city, but neither he nor Prowl can pull in any more AllSpark fragments. Prowl recognizes that there is one other way to make the AllSpark chunk powerful enough, and levitates towards it. Jazz recognizes what he intends to do, and screams that they can find another way, but Prowl merely turns to give him a reassuring smile. Suddenly, the AllSpark releases a surge of energy, and Prowl falls back to the ground. Jazz catches his body, but it is too late: Prowl merged his spark with the AllSpark to give them the energy necessary to make the force field work. A field soon forms around the remaining clone, but Megatron and Optimus Prime are trapped within it. Megatron gloats that he will take Optimus with him, but a figure of light in Prowl's image removes Optimus from the force field. Megatron roars in anger as the clone detonates, and everything goes white...

Making fun of this would make one a HUGE jerk.

Waking up, Optimus sees his fellow bots around him. They declare that they won, and begin to celebrate... until Jazz comes carrying Prowl's shell. Optimus moves toward his fallen comrade, but is instead knocked backwards by a purple blast. Megatron still functions! Ratchet uses his magnets to throw the Magnus Hammer to Optimus. In a rage, Optimus beats Megatron down. Lying helpless, Megatron urges Optimus to finish him, and Optimus brings the Magnus Hammer down...on Megatron's fusion cannon. Optimus says that killing Megatron is the easy way out, and the Decepticon leader doesn't deserve that. Instead, he places stasis cuffs on him.

the war is over... until the next series.

On Cybertron, the Autobots return is hailed by a cheering crowd (except for Sentinel Prime, who glowers), with Optimus carrying the Magnus Hammer, the large piece of the AllSpark around his neck, and Ratchet, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, and Jazz bearing Prowl's body. In addition, they bring with them the three rescued protoforms, and Megatron, Lugnut, and Shockwave as prisoners. Finally, to top it off, Omega Supreme transforms from ship mode, and this sends the crowd into another round of cheering, hailing Optimus Prime and his crew as the heroes they have proven themselves to be.

'Til all are one

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Others


Megatron: Ultra Magnus? Here?
(Sees that it's just Optimus Prime.)
Megatron: No, merely a cheap imitation.

— Optimus Prime being the knockoff of Ultra Magnus? That's definitely a switch.

Ratchet: Arcee! You're online!
Arcee: Yes young bots, we're all online. And I'm here to teach you what it means to be a Cybertronian.

— Ratchet... being called young... creepy.

Megatron: (to Optimus) You're a persistant little Autobot.
Optimus: My name is OPTIMUS PRIME!

— And at last Optimus gets his courage, and all it took was a jetpack and a weather-controlling hammer.

Lugnut: Stop! Obey me! You are a servant of the mighty Megatron!
Omega Supreme: (Ejects Lugnut onto the moon) No. I am Omega Supreme!

— Omega tells the fanatic where he can stick it.

Megatron: Lugnut? Attack! Your glorious leader commands you!

— At least he didn't say fabulous leader.

(Starscream speaks as his face appears on the Supreme clones)
Greetings, Megatron! As you can see, I decided to give your ultimate weapons a little upgrade; equipping them with a self-destruct mechanism that will DESTROY YOU ONCE AND FOR ALL! Along with any unfortunate human or Autobot within a hundred-mile radius. Hahaha!

— New packaging, same product.

Megatron: If I cannot save my clones, at least I'll have the satisfaction of destroying you, Optimus Prime!
Optimus Prime: So you can remember my name.

— For the first time, Megatron actually says his Archnemesis' name. (and treats him like one)

Jazz: We're gonna need more spark to shield the city from that blast.
Prowl: Can't... pull in... any more fragments... only... one way.
(Prowl starts to glow and rises toward the AllSpark Fragments.)
Jazz: Prowl! No! we'll find another way!
(Prowl smiles sadly at Jazz, before being consumed by the AllSpark.)

— "Tell my tale to those who ask. Tell it truly, the ill deeds along with the good, and let me be judged accordingly. The silence..."

Megatron: What are you waiting for Autobot? Finish me...
(The lightning comes into the Magnus hammer, and Optimus swings the hammer, giving the other Autobots a shocked look, when the camera comes back, the hammer crushed Megatron's cannon instead.)
Optimus Prime: That would be the easy way out Megatron, you don't deserve it...
(Puts the statis cuffs on Megatron)

— That was awesome all on it's own, but you know what would have made it better? THE TOUCH.


Animation and/or technical glitches

  • When Sari is about to go through the space bridge and transforms to her cyborg armour, her hair is still slightly visible over her helmet.
  • When the Autobots return on Cybertron, Arcee isn't there. She might have still stayed in the Ship. (But that would mean she would have got out of Omega presumably if he transformed.)

Transformer references

  • The object around Optimus Prime's neck at the end of the episode looks exactly like the Matrix of Leadership. What, chained Matrix on the neck?
  • When Megatron attacks Optimus, he shoots him on the left side of his torso and just below his chest. Very familiar.
  • As Optimus made his approach to Megatron, Megatron mistook him for Ultra Magnus. Wondering why?
  • This isn't the first time Starscream turns black and white when dead. The only difference is that he's still in one piece.
  • At the huge ceremony at the end, the most triumphant version of "More Than Meets the Eye" is played through.

Real-world references

  • A television tower destroyed by Lugnut Supreme's laser may be some sort of homage to Godzilla movies, in which similar looking Tokyo Tower was destroyed multiple times, mostly by the monster's heat rays or stuff like that.


  • Longarm made his debut in this episode in Shockwave's colors for the very first (and last) time.
  • Prowl's shell is shown with his hands put together, as if he was praying. But this is how humans (specifically: Christians) are placed in coffins. So either this is a mistake or Cybertron's culture isn't much different from ours.
  • Starscream flies off to Detroit when he knows that the bombs in the Omega clones will destroy it and "every bot in a hundred mile radius". Honestly, is he trying to get slagged?
    • Of course, being immortal, he may just wanted to be closer as Megatron was disintegrated.
  • Starscream decides to self-destruct the Omega clones to kill Megatron rather than just have them kill him and then use them conquer Cybertron, or for whatever plans he might want them for in the future.
  • Starscream dies in this episode after his AllSpark fragment is pulled from his head by Prowl and Jazz's Processor over matter. Eighth time's the charm, apparently.

No, let's not be happy that the maniacal overlord of death is captured and all is at peace, let's get mad because the guy who trashed his Autobot Academy status for you is getting praised.

  • Ratchet, Bumblebee, and Bulkhead's full transformations are all shown in this episode, for some reason.
  • Prowl's sacrifice would not have been necessary had someone just used the blasted Plasma-Dynamic Thruster to transwarp the last bomb away. Urgh.
  • That,however,would have been dangerous,as it could have teleport and doomed some poor planet.
  • Well, actually, Starscream says it would have destroyed things in only a hundred-mile radius. That may seem big but compared to a planet that's like an insect sting. Besides it probably would have ended up in space like Blurr (Animated), Thundercracker (Animated), and Skywarp (Animated) so urgh again I guess. Maybe. The exact physics of a giant freaky space portal is dodgy at best.
  • Megatron finally refers to Optimus by name. Just like the good ol' days.
  • Sari goes to the moon and, instead of leaving it a mystery as to how she breathes in a vacuum, she shows that her armored/robotic form allows her to survive without needing to breathe.
  • Predictably, Sentinel doesn't look happy to see Optimus being praised .
  • Sari joined the Autobots in taking a bow before the crowd. She's in her full armored cyborg form, though — probably to avert the "Eek, organics!" her human form would elicit.
  • When Optimus Prime is flying towards Megatron for the first time, the Decepticon leader thought it was Ultra Magnus himself. Judging by how he said it, it may suggest that Megatron knows exactly the kind of bot Magnus is and would seem worriedor perhaps he's merely surprised that Ultra Magnus has recovered and coming to fight him.
    • And of course, he hasn't. Since Ultra Magnus is probably still on Spark Support.
  • Right before the bomb went off, the spirit of a deceased Autobot is seen saving Optimus's tailpipe at the last minute, proving that even in death, Prowl is awesome. It could be that Prowl has been merged with the AllSpark, a la Alpha Trion and Vector Sigma.
  • Hopefully bringing Megatron back to Cybertron won't turn out like last time.
  • Despite their near-fanaticism towards Sentinel Prick Prime, Jetfire and Jetstorm are nowhere to be seen in the celebration sequence.
  • Prowl smiles. He has a nice (and cute) smile. He should have smiled more often...
  • Ironically, Jazz is the one who carries the deceased body of Prowl and shows it to Optimus Prime.

That looks familiar.

Seeds of the future?

  • After much silence (or shouting and screaming for that matter), the show's cancellation was finally made official during BotCon 2009. However, another season's worth of questions and more were left unanswered:
  • Many characters' fates remain unknown, including Decepticons who are in a position to remain a problem:
    • Among the Starscream clones, Slipstream remains loose on Earth, with Skywarp and Thundercracker at large somewhere in space.
      • Since the clones all carried pieces of the Allspark fragment, it is not certain whether or not those clones had their fragments yanked out of them, like Starscream did, when Prowl and Jazz were gathering all the pieces.
    • Blackarachnia and Waspinator are still out in a jungle, and Waspinator has mentioned that he "has plans".
    • Meltdown was shown to have survived his encounter during "Black Friday".
      • It's possible that he was vaporized when most of Dinobot island was destroyed at the end of "Predacons Rising".
        • The thought of Meltdown being so slow in leaving that it took him months is kind of prepostarous.
    • Soundwave and Laserbeak are also still out there, although the former will need some help pulling himself together. Whether or not Ratbat was later salvaged or recreated is unknown. It is also unknown that if Soundwave survived (like he survived when Bulkhead smashed him to pieces in the tenth episode) after Optimus Prime destroyed him with Ratbat
    • Team Chaar, Lockdown and Swindle, and LOTS OF DECEPTICONS are still out in space somewhere.
      • Lockdown won't make a move on a single Autobot unless someone pays him to. The same goes to Team Chaar; they were ordered to not engage until further orders from Megatron, who is now a prisoner, and Swindle was just a weapons dealer.
    • One Lugnut Supreme remains damaged but intact on Dinobot Island, though it remains unknown if there was a bomb in that one, too.
    • The Constructicons are still on Dinobot Island as well, though among them, only Scrapper is accounted for. What became of Mixmaster and Dirt Boss after the events of Three's a Crowd are still a mystery.
      • It was confirmed at BotCon 2009 that the Constructicons (or at least one of them) were supposed to be confirmed as having survived the events of "Three's a Crowd" and "Endgame, Part II". However, due to time constraints, none of them made an appearance.
    • And it's not as if captured Decepticons haven't broken free before.
    • What happened to the Dinobots to a lesser extent was never explained, as Snarl left the group and if he returned to them.
    • Similarly, Wreck-Gar was last seen dumping trash on the streets of Detroit ... again.
    • Dirge hasn't made his appearance yet (and he probably wants one.)
    • Neither have many other toy redecoes, such as Elite Guard Bumblebee
  • It's made clear that not all of the AllSpark fragments were recovered. If we add up the characters known to be powered by them, including the Lugnut Supremes, the Constructicons, Starscream clones, Wreck-Gar, and Omega Supreme — at least 13 fragments are still out there. How many fragments are still "in the wild" are unknown.

Hey! I'm still alive!

  • Sari makes a connection with one of the Protoforms, and says it may be why she was supposed to be there. This is not further elaborated upon in this episode. Same for the complete story behind her origins.
  • It's still unknown whether or not Ultra Magnus has made a full recovery.
  • It is still unknown how Sari's protoform got into Professor Sumdac's lab. However, since the only piece of Cybertronian technology in the room was Megatron's head...
  • Blurr's fate is still a little blurry— no pun intended— since this episode as well as Five Servos of Doom prove that turning gray upon death isn't reserved for Primes, the fact that the compacted Blurr kept his blue coloration suggests that he did survive his crushing. However, Cliffjumper throwing him into the incinerator might have really all there was to it.
  • On the toy side, there are a great many toy molds that have yet to be released. Hasbro still plans to push these products without a television show.
  • One possibility is that a new series could come to fruition if Hasbro does they did originally and play off the popularity of the next movie — and a new series picking up where a former series left off would not be unprecedented, though hopefully the results would be better than previous attempts.
    • Interestingly, the series finished just before the beginning of Revenge of the Fallen franchise. So, in order to sell toys from that series, Hasbro must first stop the previous one — Transformers Animated. So maybe we have to end before ROTF franchise ends and then... yup, you got that right. There must be another series.
  • Snarl and Swoop never talked in the entire series (and probably never will, anyway).
  • The remaining AllSpark fragments weren't gathered, but you already knew that.
  • What will Sentinel do, now that Optimus and his team became big heroes instead of him?
  • IDW is discussing with Hasbro the prospect of continuing past Endgame in comic form.
  • Witnessing a new kickass intro from Japan, no confirm news if they may continue the series their way. like always to the past series
  • Like most of the series, such as the live-action movie, this series can always have a sequel no matter what position it is in. We can only hope though.
  • However,a new series of transformers show some of the characters based on their animated counterparts, including Bulkhead

In early July 2012, The Hub started airing re-runs of Animated. So one could imagine that possibly, however unlikely, that a fourth season air on The Hub.


In the late 2010s, a book about transformers animated and even a youtuber who is a big fan of this show revealed numerous seeds of animated's future, among these too little too late concepts were:

  • Energon being the main focus for both factions, sound famiilar?
  • Sentinel like acting a impeached president with royal armor and became the new magnus whole.
  • Optimus Prime with unnecessary flames.
  • Ironhide and Jazz joining the Earth team.
  • Trypticon would have served as the decepticon's third base of operations.
  • Team Charr, Lockdown, Swindle, Starscream Clones, Soundwave, and the Constructicons all coming back, and hell even Predacons!!!!
  • A big battle royale against the constructicons and decepticons.
  • Sari would have stayed on Cybertron to learn her origin as hybrid organic transformer and Arcee serving as her teacher.
  • Megatron obtains a new form, even becoming triple changer.
  • Rodimus and his team having more roles in episodes.
  • Autobots on cybertron would have had beef with Omega Supreme who along with the other Supremes caused massive destruction to Cybertron.
  • Devastation and Jurrasic Park would help reign fire upon this season with new members.
  • More Decepticons would have most likely came about since the majority of the cons would had took refuge in Trypticon.
  • Blurr would've come back to life.
  • Ultra Magnus dies.
  • A big trial for Megatron.
  • The Key to vector sigma in Blackarachnia's possession.
  • Powermaster in the house BABY!!!!
  • A big final act against Megatron and his powered up decepticons, Constructicons(maybe) and Optimus Prime's autobots, Dinobots, Elite Guard, Sari's team, Elita's Predacons, Allspark Transformers, Detroit, Earth, U.S, Iacon, Cybertron.
  • Oh and Prowl coming back only as a ghost within the allspark matrix.