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[[../Endgame, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes|Episode Endgame, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes

Endgame, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes Endgame, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes Endgame, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes Endgame, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes]]

[[../Endgame, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes|Episode Endgame, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes

Endgame, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes Endgame, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes Endgame, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes Endgame, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes]]

[[../Endgame, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes|Episode Endgame, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes

Endgame, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes Endgame, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes Endgame, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes Endgame, Part I/Tech/Info/Episodes]]

Shockwave prepares to use Arcee's access codes to clone Omega Supreme. Meanwhile, the Autobot leader becomes a flying Autobot himself.

Japanese title: "Take Off! Optimus Prime" (翔びたて!オプティマスプライム Tobitate! Optimus Prime)


It starts with Prowl continuing his training on Processor over Matter with a barrel of oil, to which Jazz is impressed. Jazz questions as to why Prowl never finished to begin with, but is immediately interrupted by a frantic Bumblebee and Bulkead who has "big news". Upon arriving, they skid through the dropped oil and almost collide with Jazz and Prowl and end up slamming into each other. Prowl points them out as "two reasons" to Jazz's question. Transforming, Bulkead and Bumblebee indicate they've picked up Omega Supreme's Energy Signature on the Earth's moon.

Your brains gets smart but your head gets dumb.

Shockwave, being badgered by Megatron, is still trying to extract the access codes to Omega Supreme via Arcee. He however activates older datatracks, prompting Arcee to unknowlingly and mindlessly recognise herself as "Teaching Unit R.C.-687040" or "Arcee". Shockwave apologizes, but Megatron praises him for his ability to download them and calls him his "ever loyal" 'bot. Starcream's head taunts a nearby Lugnut, who sneers at his remark and knocks over Shockwave, asking about his own loyalty. Arcee comments that only the All-Spark can answer his question. But Shockwave argues that while Lugnut was on Earth, he was on Cybertron risking "spark and servo as a double agent". Arcee again comments that the Autobots must protect Cybertron from the "Decepticon menace", before she starts to skip on "menace", agitating Megatron for her silence (even comparing her to "Blitzwing with his head screwed on straight"). Starscream's head mocks that even Blitzwing was higher on Megatron's Loyalty List, to which forces Lugnut to angrily shove Shockwave away. As the two bicker and fight, Starscream's head sneaks off and rolls away.

Optimus, viewing a monitor, comments that the Energy Signature hasn't moved, and Ratchet confirms that Megatron has control over Omega Supreme, prompting for the rescue of the captive Autobots, and must use the Magnus Hammer to do so. A flashback reveals that Ultra Magnus trials Cadet Optimus and Cadet Sentinel over trespassing on an organic planet resulting in the loss of Cadet Elita-1. Sentinel attempts to testify that Optimus was responsible for her loss, but Ultra Magnus sees something that's "more than meets the optic sensor". He questions as to whose decision it was to visit the planet in the first place, prompting Optimus to confess it was his. Ultra Magnus, disappointed, expels Optimus from the Elite Guard. Ultra Magnus claims that he had seen greatness in Optimus, but clearly "being a hero is not in his programming". Optimus protests to the use of the Magnus Hammer, despite pleas from Bulkhead and Jazz. He attempts to convinve Ratchet for an upgrade, a jet booster, to "keep up with Megatron". Ratchet questions his logic, and Sari says that her dad would want to help with his intellect to reverse engineer, and Ratchet sighs at his eventual task. Optimus prompts that they'll need to investigate Megatron's happenings, and Prowl opts to warp using a Space Bridge, but Jazz detests with his progress on Cyber Ninja Training. Bumblebee questions to whether someone'd be crazy to do it in the first place, and everyone looks at him much to his confusion.

Starscream's head, in a darkened room surrounded by Starscream clones/Seekers, extracts a protoform and inserts it into an empty shell of his body, finally attaching his own head to it. But Megatron bursts in and shoots Starscream, before beginning to destroy all the clone/Seekers bodies. Starscream begs for mercy, claiming that he was building an army for his leader. However, Megatron had 'bigger' plans for the protoforms. As Starscream ponders his leader's choice in cloning (referring to Megatron himself, then Lugnut) before finally realising what his leader had in store; Omega Supreme.

Prowl's got mini animals in his broccoli salad.

Jazz and Prowl are meditating in some woods. Jazz instructs Prowl to search for the All-Spark "groovin' all around them". As Prowl concentrates, bright sparks from nowhere light up and begin forming an All-Spark fragment, causing Prowl to comment that the All-Spark "literally is all around them."

Bumblebee is Transwarped into a crater on the moon, with his mission to plant a Transmitter and return home. He encounters the foot of a tall, busy-working Shockwave, who is repairing the Nemesis. A plate of panelling falls causing Bumblebee to run, crushing the dropped Transmitter. As Bumblebee quietly enters Omega Supreme, he is scared by Arcee and attempts to try and rescue her, but causes him to question to whether removing all the wiring attached to her head was a good idea. He instead plants a small radio link inside her head, and Transwarps back to Earth. Greeted by Bulkhead, he patches through to Arcee's communications link. They only received a simplified conversation, with the important details lost in static interference. The two are left wondering about his plans

Sari, Professor Sumdac and Ratchet are working on the jet pack boosters, as Sari corrects the location of one of Ratchet's welds. Sumdac reassures him not to argue, but Ratchet remains confident that "it'll never fly", and turning it on, it immediately fails. Sari communes with her Techno-Knowledge, or 'Technoledge' (her ability to understand machinery) prompting her to exclaim for the addition of a "micro aerator to the fuel line". Ratchet dismisses it, before realising what they needed; a "micro aerator"

Optimus is fitted with the boosters, and Ratchet warns to use minimal power percentage. As he starts it up, he is rocketed up outside uncontrollably. He almost crashes into Sumdac Tower and a blimp before crashlanding back into the ground; the problem was his need for guiding. They install some stabilisers onto the wings, and Optimus remarks that "maybe Autobots weren't meant to fly". Sari points out the possibility for error, except the whole "painful crashing and burning stuff". Optimus powers up again, and manages to gain control. Enjoying the glide, he opts to see its full potential.

A flashback reveals that while Ultra Magnus could not reinstate Optimus back into the Elite Guard, he was able to get Optimus his own ship. Ultra Magnus salutes and congratulates him as "Optimus...Prime". He notices an oil leak, and meets the mechanic; Ratchet, who ensures that the ship still had plenty of stellar cylces "left in him". Bumblebee is seen trying to free Bulkhead from an entanglement

Slipstream notices 'Starscream' in the sky, and attempts to attack him. Being successful, she realises that Optimus was a "flying Autobot", and falls into the river below.

Shockwave, still probing around Arcee's memory banks, finds the activation codes. He disguises himself back into "Security Chief Longarm Prime". She begins to recall her encounter with Lockdown, but Longarm asks is she still has the codes for "Project: Omega". She replies Yes, and Longarm smirks, detaching the wiring of Arcee's head. Bumblebee and Bulkhead, still listening, lose the connection, and Bulkhead realises why.

Optimus emerges from the river, being contacted by Bulkhead with the news of the access codes, and a desperate Ratchet. He comments to whether he could defeat them if he could not defeat the two-bit Starscream wannabe.

"OH DEAR GOD, smokes coming out of my crotch!"

Megatron instructs Starscream and Lugnut to install the Protoforms into three giant replicas of Omega Supreme, which scan the original for its basic structure. As Megatron asks for the recognition codes from Arcee, Longarm tells Arcee that Omega Supreme needs a "new mentor", but she declines, and Shockwave forces her to do so. As Megatron gloats for his glorious moment, Starscream interrupts by attacking Megatron away. But Lugnut removes Starscream, and is accidentally given the codes. Megatron tells Starscream that he planned the entire chain of events, explaining that the Supreme clones/Seekers may act against him if he possessed the Activation Codes, but they would not if the codes were within his most loyal servant, Lugnut. While Lugnut boasts the claim to Shockwave, Starscream points out his usefulness as the Supremes are without sparks. But after revealing that he acquired All-Spark fragments within Omega Supreme's Spark chamber, Megatron disposes of Starscream; blasting him to bits from the waist down while saying "you are no longer of use to me".

Optimus is being repaired by Ratchet, who tells him to use the Magnus Hammer, but Optimus doesn't think he can. Prowl assures that sometimes "fate can make its own programming" In another flashback, Optimus and his crew are on a Space Bridge station, maintenancing the surrounding area. Bulkhead and Bumblebee accidently find a meditating 'bot, who they think is offline. As Bumblebee attempts to touch him, the 'bot wakes up, angry at being disturbed. The two apologise, and a nearby Ratchet, carrying some Energon Cubes, drops one as it lands right in front of them. They run out the cave, and the 'bot's ship is destroyed. Optimus appears, suggesting that he would give the 'bot a lift once they've finished, and with his help, they could leave sooner. The 'bot mocks him for being a "common maintenance bot". Guilty at his actions at failing to protect some Protoforms, the 'bot angrily cries and questions to whether Optimus had ever "embark on path, only to find it completely twisted and turned, you have no idea where you are." Empathetically, Optimus agrees. Bulkhead interrupts, pointing out the addition of three new Energy Signatures on the monitor, blaming it on solar interference.

Lugnut has finished installing the access codes into the newly born Lugnut Supremes. Megatron commands his new squadron to attack Detroit as a test. But the clones do not move as Shockwave sees the codes required a missing security patch, but aims to create a bypass. Lugnut is hooked directly into Omega's processor, allowing him to control his clones. The clones transform and approach the Earth.

I said a spanner, not a hammer.

Bulkhead watches the new Energy Signatures move closer to Earth, positive they weren't sun spots. As the other Autobots race outside to watch the skies, Optimus picks up the Magnus Hammer, ready for battle. He asks the possibility for reasoning with Omega Supreme, only to realise the impossibility. The Lugnut Supreme's descend into the Earth's atmosphere, and ready their attack. Prepare for the final battle.

Featured characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Human Substitute Autobots


Megatron: We need those codes to control Omega Supreme. And if any bot can access them, it is you my ever loyal Shockwave
Starscream: Uh-oh, looks like Megatron has a new favorite. And I'll give you a hint: it ain't you!
Lugnut: (pushes Shockwave out of the way) What about me, master? Have I not served you loyally?
Arcee: That is a very good question, young bot. Only the AllSpark knows for sure.

— Even the teacher doesn't know everything.

Arcee: Cybertron is our home planet. We must protect it from the growing Decepticon menace...menace...Decepticon...
Megatron: Can't you shut her up? She makes Blitzwing sound like he's got his head screwed on straight!
Starscream: You see. Now he even likes Blitzwing better than you.
Shockwave: Hmmm.
Lugnut: (shoves Shockwave out of the way again) NO!(shows Shockwave hitting a wall) I am the most faithful.
Shockwave: Have you blown a diode?! I'm trying to work here! (Both fight each other)
Megatron: Oh, for spark's sake!

— Maybe Employee of the Stellar Cycle wasn't such a good idea.

Ratchet: Are you out of your motherboarding mind?! Autobots can't fly!
Bulkhead: What about Jetfire and Jetstorm?
Bumblebee: And Prowl's rocket sidecar thingy.
Sari: Heck, even I have a jetpack.

— Ratchet obviously never learn from past events.

Sari: No, you're off by two millimeters!
Ratchet: Don't tell me where to weld!!
Issac Sumdac: Don't argue with her, trust me.
Ratchet: I'm not gonna argue, 'cause I know this thing will never fly! (presses a button in jetpack and smoke bursts out of exhaust)
Sari: (communicates with jetpack) You're right. You need to add a microaerator to the fuel line.
Ratchet: And I suppose the rocket boosters told you that?
Sari: Kinda...
Ratchet: That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever— (actually checks the rocket boosters) Wait! I've got it! We'll add a microaerator to the fuel line!
Sari: Hmm, now why didn't I think of that?

—Many are endangered from wrong opinions.

Ratchet: Maybe the throttle needs adjusting.
Opimus Prime: RAAAATCHEEEEEEEET! (flies randomly over Detroit and crashes head first)
Sari: Stabilizers?
Ratchet: Stabilizers.

—Told you!

"You know, maybe Autobots weren't meant to fly after all."

Optimus has second thoughts about the whole flying thing.


Optimus and the joys of air travel.

Other Notes

Animation and/or technical glitches

  • Right before Optimus flashes back to the energon mining days, he doesn't have his wings on. When Bulkhead points out the energy signals heading their way, he has them on again. So..are they detachable?

Continuity errors

  • In a flashback, it's revealed that Prowl was found by Bulkhead and Bumblebee on an asteroid. After his ship was destroyed, he is offered a ride by Optimus after their work is done. While in the first episode of Transformers Animated, Prowl remarks "not this speech again" to Optimus. Either Prowl permanently became a member of Optimus' team or Optimus must have said that speech a lot in that short amount of time.
    • To be fair, Optimus did say it would be about 50 to 60 stellar-cycles...
  • Omega Supreme took at least a dozen Autobots and presumably months to build. How in the name of Primus did four Decepticons (more likely two, considering Starscream being reduced to a head and Megatron probably just supervising) build THREE of him in a matter of hours?
    • Probably because they had Omega Supreme to basically copy. The Autobots built the original from the ground up, possibly as a prototype. It is also unclear how much time has passed between Fanzone's day trip and the Decepticon's arrival on the moon.
  • Omega Supreme is yet again omitted from a list of flight-capable Autobots. Geez, give him some recognition, for spark's sake - he's only the guy who won the war for you.
  • How did Arcee recognize the Earth-version Megatron (who looks substantially different from his original Cybertron form) immediately after awaking from her millions of cycles of stasis?

Transformer references

  • The bit when Megatron was making giants out of Autobots is a bit of a reference to the episode "War Dawn" from The Transformers cartoon.
  • The manner of how Shockwave get the codes for Omega Supreme is similar to that of someone else in the 'Wave family.

Real-world references

  • Sari says "What could possibly go wrong?", which is the catchphrase of another character voiced by Tara Strong. Of course, that catchphrase was originally spoken by obscure video game character Bubsy the Bobcat.
  • Optimus' first test run with the jetpack is similar to when Tony Stark tested out the Iron Man boots in the 2008 film "Iron Man".
  • Ratchet's questioning of Prime being "Out of your motherboarding mind" brings to mind a certain real life phrase...
  • The term "spark and servo" that Shockwave used is Cybertronian for "life and limb".

Miscellaneous trivia

  • We find out the real reason behind Optimus's explusion from the academy: Sentinel let him take all of the blame for the incident that saw Elita-1 become Blackarachnia. In other words... Sentinel is a jerk. And it seems that now that the decision has been made, even Supreme Commander Ultra Magnus can't override it and make him eligible for Elite Guard status again. Now, in Mission Accomplished, Sentinel offered to have this done if Optimus were to go along with hiding the truth of the Decepticons' activity. Of course, Sentinel could have been making promises he knew he couldn't keep — he is, after all, a jerk.
  • Prowl pulls an AllSpark fragment out of nowhere via Processor Over Matter... although it's possible that this one particular fragment was almost completely vaporized originally.
  • Blitzwing gets a mention, though he is not seen or heard, having been captured back in the episode "Decepticon Air".
  • Seeing as how Slipstream mistook Optimus for Starscream even though he's bright red, while Starscream is grey and dark reddish, Transformers really are colorblind. Though to be fair, different shades, even of the same kind of color, can appear similar from longer distances.
  • It's also curious that Slipstream hates Starscream enough to take a shot at him. While we knew she didn't respect him very much, this is... a little overboard. Where this enmity comes from, and when whatever events inspired it could have happened, is unknown.
    • Then again, being THIS Starscream's clone... Who would want that anyway?
  • Shockwave's Longarm Prime disguise keeps its old colors, instead of having Shockwave's new purple color scheme.
  • Slipstream debuted in the two part season finale for season two, then disappeared until the two part season finale for season three. So...what was she doing and how did she evade the Elite Guard, who managed to catch EVERY OTHER 'Con on Earth? Its fairly obvious she wasn't trying very hard to hide, seeing as she was WALKING DOWN A STREET IN ROBOT MODE...
  • Shockwave repairs and revives Arcee surprisingly easily despite Perceptor's assurance that she's just an empty shell. Her being in stasis and Omega Supreme's ignoble fate hints at a possible Autobot cover up of their little WMD project after the war.
  • In the background of when Megatron was telling Starscream about his plans for the protoforms, Lugnut and Shockwave are pulling apart a chunk of metal. Lugnut pulls and pulls until he falls over with a piece. After Shockwave sees that he couldn't get up, he simply points and laughs.
  • Shockwave doesn't sound very smart when he yells, "LIAR LYING LIAR"!
    • Nor does he look very smart when Lugnut falls over and Shockwave points and laughs at him.
  • Even without her key, Sari can still make the same sound effects.
  • It's curious how Starscream DIDN'T KNOW Megatron's plan to create clones of Omega Supreme. Hadn't Megs really mentioned it? But then how could Shockwave and Lugnut know to build these clones? Which brings out the fact that when Megatron mentioned having 'bigger plans' with the protoforms, it took some time for Starscream to see those half-build clones
  • WHAT is that very familiar music that plays in the background as Optimus Prime is being fitted with his jetpack?
  • Why would Starscream got through the trouble of creating another brand-new body, when he could just replace the head of one of his dozen-plus clones standing right behind him?