The Enclave is a gathering of Decepticons from the Earthforce portion of the Generation One continuity family.

When the Decepticon faction is fractured by infighting, treachery, and general dickishness, the Enclave (known to the Autobots as the Bad Guy's Ball) is called. Under the flag of truce, the various squabbling Decepticon splinter factions put aside their differences and laser cannons to negotiate an internal peace.

Punch is served.


Marvel UK comics continuity


Millions of years after it had last been invoked, the Enclave was called to unite the warring subfactions of Megatron and Shockwave against the common threat of the Autobot Earthforce. Thirty Decepticons met for negotiation and energon snacks, and nearly reached an agreement - until four Autobot spies used an inebriated Headstrong to convince Megatron that Shockwave had called the Enclave as part of an assassination attempt. The Enclave erupted into a fratricidal brawl - and Headstrong never got to try the multi-carb special. The Bad Guy's Ball!

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