Emusa is an alien animal in the Zone portion of the Generation One continuity family.


Emusa (エムサ, e-mu-sa) is an extraterrestrial animal that resembles a pink raccoon-tailed rabbit with small wings. Despite their size in proportion to his (?) body, these wings allow Emusa to fly. He is also capable of speech, and talks in the third person.

He acts as a pet to the humanoid alien Cain. His species may (or may not) have been native to Cain's planet of Feminia; if it was native, then its status following Feminia's obliteration doesn't look too good.

He is sometimes referred to as the "Zone Bunny" by the Transformers fandom.

He's great with barbecue sauce.

Cartoon continuity

Zone OAV

Voice Actress: Yumi Tōma

Emusa was present with Cain when planet Feminia was attacked by the Demon Generals Abominus, Overlord, and Menasor. The pair were in grave danger, but were saved by Victory Saber, which allowed them to reach Galaxy Shuttle in time to evacuate the planet. Victory Saber was not quite as fortunate - he was caught in the blast of Feminia's destruction, which Emusa and Cain witnessed from space.

Presumably having no where else to go, Emusa and Cain went to live on planet Z ("Zone"), a machine-world populated primarily by Micro Transformers. This caused Emusa much aggravation; he complained that, as a living creature, he wanted to be around flowers and nature, not metal. Moonradar then pointed out that Transformers were living creatures, too.

Zone manga


Hold me, thrill me, kiss me, kill me.

Along with Cain, Emusa was a survivor of the destroyed planet Feminia. They both ended up on planet Z.

One day, Emusa and Cain were riding around in Moonradar on the surface of Z, passing by Glasspit's Gasoline Base as they went. Unfortunately for them, Violen Jygar's Generals Abominus, Bruticus, Menasor and Overlord picked that moment to attack, apparently as part of a plot to steal the planet's special Energon Z (which they already had in their possession). Emusa and Cain were shot at while riding, causing Moonradar to make tracks to the Rocket Base, which then transformed to retaliate.

The Generals fled, taking the Energon Z with them. Emusa and Cain accompanied Moonradar and the Super Car Patrol Team aboard Rocket Base's rocket, which chased after the Generals until it was cocooned up in mid-space by Black Zarak. Fortunately, they were all rescued by the Jet Patrol Team, and continued on their way to Earth.

Arriving on Earth, the rocket's manipulator claw saved the young, flower-picking Akira from the path of Predaking and brought him aboard, where Emusa and Cain greeted him. After the rocket landed and transformed into a mini-base, Akira, Cain and Emusa cheered on the Battle Patrol Team and the Super Car Patrol Team as they drove to attack Generals Devastator, Predaking and Trypticon (although this went really REALLY badly).

After all the fighting was over, Emusa winked at Akira from Cain's shoulder after he had put some flowers into a little vase.

Note: The single Zone manga story was basically a shortened retelling of the OAV episode. Emusa's design was altered for the manga, and his ability to speak is in question. He still appeared to be sapient, however, as he had a thought balloon.
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