This article is about the corrupt politician. For the wily old Autobot, see Emirate Xaaron.

Emirate Xeon is a Neutral in the Generation One continuity family.
E Xeons Head

He should have quit while he was ahead. Ha ha. Ha.

Emirate Xeon was a Transformer politician who would make any extortionist proud. Living prior to the war, Xeon both enabled and instigated the uprising of the Decepticons. Megatron paid him off to look the other way while holding his underground arena combat, his torture pits, and his branding ceremonies. In the end, Emirate Xeon got in over his head and lost it, literally.


Dreamwave comics continuity

Emirate Xeon was a politician in Kaon who was continually paid off by Megatron's group to not report their underground activities. The War Within issue 3

When the Decepticons were ready, Megatron had Xeon killed, and went so far as to claim the Emirate's death as the spur for starting the Great War. His severed head was placed on Megatron's throne in the Cradle as a decoration. Or maybe an Energon cookie jar, considering the way Ravage looked at it. The War Within issue 2


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