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This article is about Emirate Xaaron. For another holder of the title, see Emirate Xeon.

Emirate Xaaron is an Autobot from the Generation One continuity family.

You wily old buzzard!

Emirate Xaaron is the leader of the Autobot underground resistance movement and was the chairman of the Council of Autobot Elders. He is not a fighter, but his strength is found in his convictions. Xaaron, though physically unimposing, speaks and acts with incredible confidence that grows from his irreverent brand of wisdom. Due to this, he is extremely valuable to the Autobots as a source of inspiration.

He has a "vehicular combat" alternate mode, but what with the "not really a fighter" thing, he hasn't transformed in hundreds of years.


Marvel Comics continuity[]

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Tell me, Mr. Anderson... What good is a phone call if you're unable to speak?

Millions of years ago, when the Autobot/Decepticon war was new, Xaaron belonged to Iacon's Academy of Science and Technology, where he dismissed a proposal from his colleague Flame to reattempt Megatron's scheme to rebuild Cybertron into a mobile battlestation. Flame, who was increasingly mad, was then seemingly destroyed in an explosion near Kalis. [1] Legion of the Lost!

The war continued, and long after, the capital city of Iacon was under heavy assault, prompting the Council of Autobot Elders to contemplate surrender. Emirate Xaaron refused, suggesting to High Councillor Traachon that bureaucratic mismanagement of the Autobot army was the real culprit. He nominated a single warrior to take direct control of the Autobot forces -- Optimus Prime! And There Shall Come...a Leader!

After Optimus Prime, Megatron, and countless other combatants were lost to Earth, the Decepticon warlord Trannis rose into power. Xaaron created an assault team, the Wreckers, to assassinate Trannis, but when they succeeded, one warlord was merely replaced by another. Cybertron: the Middle Years


Impactor and Xaaron versus unfortunate illustration composition.

In 1986, Xaaron hatched a new plan for the Wreckers: Operation: Volcano. Using himself as bait, he would lure the several of the best Decepticon warriors into a trap. The Wreckers, under the leadership of Impactor momentarily reconsidered when Ultra Magnus, who was built to aid them in this particular mission, left for Earth to investigate the disappearance of Optimus Prime. Xaaron quickly replaced them with the Autobot Triple Changers, at first sending them to attack Impactor while pretending to be Decepticons. Though this trick aggravated Impactor, the Wreckers commander grudgingly admitted it proved the three were up to the job. The bait was set, but a turn of events forced the Decepticons to abandon it. However, one disobedient Decepticon (called Macabre) fired on Xaaron anyway, and when Impactor jumped in front of the blast, the Wreckers commander was destroyed, dying in Xaaron's arms. Springer was chosen to replace him. Target 2006

A short time later, Springer captured an alleged imposter posing as Optimus Prime. The imposter escaped, and Springer alerted Xaaron. Upon finding the imposter cradling a dying Outback, Xaaron heard enough of his passionate words to realize that this was, indeed, the real Optimus Prime. After four million years, Xaaron welcomed his old friend home. Distant Thunder! Xaaron pleaded for him to stay, but Optimus insisted he was needed more back on Earth. Resurrection!

Xaaron re-encountered his old enemy Flame, who had built a giant fusion reactor to complete his old plan and even raised an army of zombies to protect it. Xaaron was captured and ended up having to battle Flame alongside Ultra Magnus, the Wreckers, the Sparkabots and even two Decepticons. In the end, the day was saved by an act of self-sacrifice from the zombified Impactor. Legion of the Lost Meltdown

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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Xaaron's first Marvel US appearance. Sadly, only the yellow passed through customs.

After Bumblebee, Jazz, and Grimlock were restored as Pretenders, their new might helped turn the tide of Xaaron's underground resistance. During their tour of duty, Seawatch was returned to Autobase, catatonic. Xaaron sent the Classic Pretenders to investigate, and they found the Demons, relics of Cybertron's past. From Seawatch's manic ramblings, Xaaron was clued in to the lore of the Demons and their weakness. Arriving on the battlescene with a weapon, Xaaron overloaded them with pure Energon, destroying the creatures. Demons! Dawn of Darkness The Classic Pretenders needed to return to Earth, but while Xaaron had opened a transdimensional portal to send them home, the Autobots were suddenly under attack by Bludgeon's Mayhem Attack Squad. As a result, the Mayhem Attack Squad, the Classic Pretenders, and some Autobot Micromasters were thrown into the center of Cybertron. Yesterday's Heroes! Xaaron was able to locate them and send them to their intended destination, but not before the combatants had awoken Primus. Primal Scream

With Unicron now nearing Cybertron, Xaaron aided Optimus Prime in their search for the Autobot Creation Matrix by sending out teams into a sector of the galaxy where the Matrix (in Optimus Prime's old body) had likely been jettisoned. Matrix Quest But Unicron had his own plans in mind, sending a Galvatron from a possible future to Cybertron to prepare for his arrival. The timelost herald pursued Xaaron specifically, finally cornering him deep below the surface of the planet. After realising that Unicron could no longer observe him this deep inside Cybertron, and therefore punish his insubordination, Galvatron revealed that he felt betrayed by Unicron and threatened Xaaron with revealing how to defeat Unicron, or die. . All This and Civil War 2 Xaaron, thinking to buy himself time (and recalling an old legend which stated that if the Transformers united they could defeat Unicron), lied to Galvatron, saying he knew how to defeat Unicron, and took Galvatron down into the center of Cybertron, where Primus' chamber lay. Here Xaaron attempted to pray Primus out of his renewed slumber. Xaaron succeeded, Primus awoke, and all of the Transformers on Earth (and, accidently, the humans G.B Blackrock and the Neo-Knights) were instantaneously transported to Cybertron. Out of Time!


Xaaron is full of the Holy Spirit.

Primus spoke through Xaaron's body, causing it to glow and float above the startled Transformers, and he told them the history of their race. After the Autobots and Decepticons joined forces long enough to ward off brainwashed Unicron cultists, Primus' avatar nominated Optimus Prime to be their united leader. This union dissipated quickly into chaos and terror once the impossibly huge Unicron arrived. The Void!

Unicron's assault on the planet was halted momentarily when the possessed Xaaron confronted him, but both Xaaron's body and Primus' essence were seemingly destroyed once Unicron realized that this avatar could do him no harm and blasted Xaaron's form to tiny pieces. On the Edge of Extinction!


  • If the 'Emirate' from Xaaron's name is the Anglicised version of a Cybertronian title, then it is a misnomer. Emirate is not a title, but a word that describes a place. An Emir is the leader of an Emirate. At least, that's how it goes on Earth.
  • In Xaaron's first appearance, he addresses Traachon as "High Councillor" of the Council of Autobot Elders. Later, Flame claims Xaaron was the chairman of the "ludicrously pompous" Council of Autobot Elders. Either Xaaron was later promoted and he changed his job description, or everyone on the council has different, important-sounding titles. Or, uh, Flame is just crazy and confused. Because he is, you know. Very crazy, that is.
  • Emirate Xaaron was one Marvel UK conceit that writer Simon Furman quickly brought over when he began writing for Marvel US. In the translation, however, Xaaron lost all his colors except for the yellow.
  • Emirate Xaaron is one of two Transformers who have served as a yellow-glowing avatar for Primus. The other is Mini-Con Jolt from Cybertron.
  • In Emirate Xaaron's very first fictional appearance, his head design was clearly based on the G1 Megatron toy, minus the larger grey helmet and the gun kibble. His chest looks a little Megatrony as well.
  • In his confrontation against Flame, Xaaron indicates that it has been hundreds of years since he last transformed, and that should he attempt to do so, the shock to his system may well be fatal.

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  1. It is not entirely clear when, relative to other events, Flame disappeared. He must have been dispelled from the Iacon academy before Iacon was destroyed, but it also seems unlikely he worked at his plan for four million years.