Let's fight the red stuff with the wet stuff!

The Emergency Mini-Con Team specializes in search-and-rescue operations in (naturally) emergency situations. Each member is dedicated and highly skilled, and have saved countless lives. Naturally, they find themseves more in league with the Autobots.

A possibly alternate-universe incarnation of the Team is allied with several different Autobots in the fight against the multidimensional threat of Unicron.

The Emergency Mini-Con Team is composed of...

  • Prowl the Cybertronic police car.

French-Canadian name: L'Equipe D'urgence des Minimodus
Spanish name: Los Minimodus - Equipo de Emergencia



  • Emergency Mini-Con Team (Mini-Cons, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MM-20
The Emergency Team was first released as a three-pack in the Armada line, and along with the Air Military Mini-Con Team were the last new-mold Mini-Con teams released in that line.
Towards the very end of the Hasbro Armada series, the team was redecoed in a theme that was 2/3rds Generation One homage; Prowl with a rather Smokescreen-like racing theme, Firebot in light blue similar to Hot Spot... and Makeshift as the odd bot out.
This mold-set was used to make the Hazard Mini-Con Team; the Micron Booster Mini-Cons Cluster, Groove, and Rotor; the Hellflame Mini-Cons, and the Cybertron Mini-Cons Anti-Blaze, Checkpoint and Scythe.
  • X-Dimension Emergency Micron (Mini-Cons, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MM-21
A somewhat more limited-edition -but still regular retaill- redeco of the Emergency Team was released by Takara as part of the X-Dimension Mini-Cons. This set uses primarily dark blue and orange.


For Universe, the Team was split up between several different releases as Autobot-allied partners to larger toys.

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