The Elite Flying Corps is an Autobot combat unit in Generation One

Flying Autobots are relatively few and far between, but the Autobot Elite Flying Corps is more than the match for any Decepticon shenanigans! There are only five spots in the elite, and competition is fierce, only the best of the best of the best get in.


Marvel Comics UK continuity

Divebomb was a member of the Elite Flying Corps before losing a duel, after which his opponent cruely took Divebomb's name for his own.

The incident was covered up, and Divebomb was reassigned under Optimus Prime's command shortly before the launch of the Ark. On Earth he would be known as Swoop.

Dreamwave comics continuity

Swoop's history as Divebomb is referenced, and the same incident presumptively still occurred, though this time millions of years prior to the Ark's launch.

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