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The name or term Elita One refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Elita One (disambiguation).

Elita One, also known as Elita Monon or formerly E1, is the female counterpart to Optimus Prime; a powerful warrior, fearless in the face of her enemies, but compassionate to those who cannot defend themselves. She commands a squad of Female Autobots, and has their undying trust and support.

While her pistol is powerful enough to blast Shockwave out of the air in one shot, her greatest power is her ability to briefly stop time. Sadly, this ability drains all of her life force, and is almost assuredly fatal, and thus she only uses it in the direst of situations.

When the situation calls for it, she consults the wise Alpha Trion via a holographic message machine. Alpha Trion is her creator, though this fact is unknown to her.



Generation One Cartoon

Voice actress: Marlene Aragon (English), Samantha Newark (Ariel, English); Kazue Komiya (Japanese), Eiko Yamada (Ariel, Japanese)

GURL = PINK on Cybertron.

Five million years later, Elita One, wanting to go with Optimus, tried to board the Autobot starship as it took off on its mission to search for energy, but she was seemingly destroyed while the ship was attacked during takeoff.

Note: In the original pilot, the Ark did not appear to be under attack as it launched. The Ark being attacked and Elita One's presence as it took off constitutes a retcon.

Yeah, this is all you see.

But Elita One did not perish. About four million years later, she was in command of a team of six Autobots, who had been raiding Shockwave's energon supplies in secret for an unknown length of time. Their existence was revealed thanks to Moonracer's carelessness, which subsequently led to Elita One's capture by Starscream and the destruction of their secret base by Rumble.

Elita was then used as bait to lure Optimus Prime into a trap, where he too was captured and was soon on the block for execution in a vat of acid. Desperate to save her beloved, Elita triggered her time-stopping power, which allowed her to save Prime... but expended nearly all her life-force doing so.

After getting them both out of Decepticon Headquarters, Optimus was able to track Alpha Trion to his secret base. The ancient Autobot repaired Elita to the best of his ability, but revealed to Optimus Prime that only he could save Elita by interfacing to her with his power filter. An astonished Optimus Prime stated that only his CREATOR could know that!

Note: Optimus Prime had apparently forgotten that Alpha Trion is his creator. He did seem to know that Alpha Trion created Elita One, making a subtle comment when Elita said that Alpha Trion was like a father to her, though it's unclear whether he had always known or only realized after his visit to Alpha Trion. Which is really kind of creepy when you think about it.

After Elita One was re-energized, she and Optimus Prime arrived in time to save both a group of Earth-stationed Autobots, who had followed Optimus to Cybertron, and Elita's own troops from certain death at the hands of the Decepticons. Notably, Elita shot Shockwave out of the air with a single blast from her pistol.

With their original secret base in ruins, Alpha Trion quickly set Elita's team up with a new one, full of advanced equipment.

Though regretful that they'd be apart again so soon, Elita One elected to stay behind on Cybertron and continue the fight at home while Optimus and the other Autobots returned to the war on Earth. Of course, this didn't prevent her from telling him not to stay away TOO long... The Search for Alpha Trion

Robots with plunging necklines and ponytails... somehow.

Nine million years ago, during the Golden Age of Cybertron, there lived a robot named Ariel, a dockworker with a boyfriend called Orion Pax. She had heard stories that the new "flying robots" that Orion and their friend Dion admired had put together an army and attacked one of Cybertron's outer cities, but Dion laughingly dismissed her as gullible while Orion remarked that they had Guardian robots to protect them, so that it wasn't of their concern.

One of those "flying robots", Megatron, raided the energy storage facility Ariel worked at with his transport drones. While Megatron was in the midst of an assault on Orion, Ariel tried to stop him, ignoring Dion's plea not to, only to be gunned down herself by Megatron.

Fortunately for her, the time-lost Aerialbots brought the deactivated Orion to Alpha Trion for repairs, who recreated the young robot as the first of Cybertron's new defenders — Optimus Prime. Optimus and the Aerialbots then asked Alpha Trion to try reconstructing Ariel too. After agreeing to send some droids for her, Alpha Trion mused to himself that "Elita One" would be a good name for a female warrior. War Dawn

War For Cybertron Trilogy

Chapter 1: Siege

Elita One takes fire at Decepticons, allowing Optimus, Bumblebee, and Wheeljack. Elita then blows up the bridge behind them. Optimus, Bumblebee, and Wheeljack regroup with Elita, who inquires about the energon and who Bumblebee is. Optimus warns Bumblebee that as far as Megatron is concerned, he’s an autobot now, however, Bumblebee simply wishes to be compensated, though with the Decepticons on their trail, he is forced to stick wiitht them. Before long, they arrive at Autobot command. Elita advises Optimus to get checked out by a medic.

Elita takes Bumblebee and Wheeljack to get checked out by Red Alert. Optimus approaches them and asks Bumblebee to join their ranks, but he’s reluctant. Optimus is persistent, but Bumblebee leaves, even as Elita and Hound block his path. Episode 1

Optimus reports to the Autobots that Ultra Magnus has surrendered to Megatron. Optimus and Ultra have different views of the war. Elita One tells everyone to calm down, but some of the others start to worry that Ultra Magnus will give them up. Elita will take command of military operations, and Optimus assures the Autobots they will win the war. They soon get a message from Ultra Magnus, claiming that Megatron is searching for the AllSpark.

Elita, like others, has doubt about wasting their time searching for the Allspark. They’re barely surviving as it is. And she’s not sure what it is they’re fighting for. Optimus asks Elita to trust him. They suddenly get word from Ultra Magnus, who claims to have the coordinates of the Allspark. Unbeknownst to to them, it’s actually Megatron and Soundwave orchestrating a trap.

Elita worries that they’re walking into a trap. Optimus insists that Ultra Magnus would never betray them, but he simply believes the best in everyone. Cog notices a package. They cautiously go to retrieve what they discover is simply highly concentrated energon. The Decepticons attack and the Autobots fight back until they make their escape.

Optimus, Elita, and Hound convene with Wheeljack and inform him that they walked into a trap and suffered casualties. They’re going to need time to recover from this. Optimus asks if Wheeljack has made any progress in recovering the actual Allspark. Unfortunately, the energon it takes will start affecting their ability to stay cloaked. Optimus orders him to continue, but Elita voices her disapproval. Episode 2

Elita questions Optimus on how they would get the Allspark off of Cybertron even if they did find it. Wheeljack reveals that when he was out with Bumblebee, they discovered the remains of a Spacebridge. He believes it can be repaired. However, Elita and Prowl oppose the plan.

Mirage cloaks himself as a Decepticon and approaches Spinister and Skytread. His cloak malfunctions, and they draw their weapons. However, Chromia covers him, shooting from higher up. Optimus, Elita, and Wheeljack jump into action.

Optimus, Elita, Chromia, Wheeljack, and Mirage arrive at a theater. They are confronted by Ratchet. They’ve come in hopes that he’ll help fix the Spacebridge. However, Ratchet doesn’t do that work anymore. They follow him inside, where he has set up a clinic for injured bots. Ratchet refuses to go back to that life. He pulls out a blaster and demands that they leave. When Mirage prepares for a fight, Impactor tackles him to the ground. They can’t believe that he’s healed Impactor, a known Decepticon. Ratchet agrees to allow Optimus, Elita, Chromia, and Wheeljack to stay long enough for them to plead their case. He has no desire to help them fix the Spacebridge. However, upon learning that Megatron plans to weaponize the Allspark, he reconsiders.

Before going inside the Command, Elita demands that Impactor’s comm is deactivated. Ratchet argues in defense of Impactor, however, he’s willing to remove it if it means saving Cybertron. Episode 3

After learning that Ultra Magnus had been killed, Elita and Wheeljack devise a plan to jump-start the Ark. However, they’ll need unrefined energon. The alarm sounds. Elita informs the Autobots that a lone Decepticon has breached their perimeter. Sideswipe, Prowl, and Hound go to investigate. Jetfire reveals to the Autobots that he’s come to join them. Episode 4

The Autobots discuss whether they can trust Jetfire or not. With Bumblebee's help, Wheeljack finds the Allspark in the Sea of Rust. Elita continues to question Optimus’ leadership. She believes the path to be too risky. Cog adds that no Autobot has ever returned from the Sea of Rust. However, the Decepticons have mapped the sea according to Jetfire, who is willing to guide them.

Elita discovers that eight Autobot Command posts are down. Total system failure. Elita demands that all Autobots report to the Ark. Operation Exodus is moving forward. Elita tells Wheeljack to ensure the Spacebridge is ready and then calls into Optimus but their signal is lost.

Elita tries to call Wheeljack as their mainframe gets infected but their systems explodes, which shuts down their clocking, leaving them vulnerable. Episode 5

Elita One and Red Alert inform Bumblebee, Cog, and Arcee that the Decepticons transmitted a virus to wipe out their system and defenses. They present Wheeljack with the energon and tell him to get the ship in the air, but they find themselves under attack by the Decepticons. Elita reports to Optimus that Megatron’s attacking, and so they plan to rendezvous at the Spacebridge.

Wheeljack manages to get Teletraan-1 up and running. Elita orders it to activate defenses and prepare for launch. The Ark annihilates many Decepticons before taking off. They near the Spacebridge but it hasn’t been activated. The Autobots below will need help. Elita tells Ironhide, Cog, and Arcee to come with her.

As the Autobots are boarding the ship, Red Alert is shot down by a Decepticon. Elita refuses to leave. She wants to stay and protect what’s left of Cybertron along with Omega Supreme. And so, the Autobots fly the Ark into the Spacebridge. Red Alert and Chromia find Elita and ask if the Ark made it. She replies they didn’t. Saying that everyone died on the ship. It's solely up to them to stop Megatron. They are joined by Jetfire. Episode 6

Chapter 2: Earthrise

Elita One, Jetfire, Red Alert, and Chromia kill two seekers after coming across a group of wounded Decepticons being kept as prisoners by their own kind. Jetfire questions if it was wise for Elita to free those Decepticons. Elita isn’t entirely sure herself, but she can’t help but wonder why Decepticons are imprisoning their own kind.

Red Alert informs Elita that he received intel from Steeljaw. He’s infiltrated one of the largest prison camps they’ve seen. Elita tells Chromia that the camp is deep in Kaon, so they have to plan accordingly and prep for survivors.

Elita, Red Alert, and Chromia stake out the prison camp in Kaon. They fear they’re walking into a trap as the fortress is lightly guarded, but they proceed nonetheless. Chromia shoots down the guards on the tower while Red Alert and Elita race inside, taking out the guards at the front.

Elita One, Jetfire, Red Alert, and Chromia battle against numerous Decepticons, all of whom they manage to take out. Unfortunately, the Autobots have walked into a trap set by Starscream.

The four of them are taken to Megatron. Megatron is somewhat impressed with Elita leading the Autobots. He remarks that he may have even followed her at another time. Barricade then beats on Shamble and forces him into one of the harvesting capsules. Megatron then orders Shockwave to drain their energy, explaining that this is their reality thanks to Optimus Prime. Episode 1 (Earthrise)

Megatron speaks with Elita One privately. She questions how he can murder his own kind. Megatron reasons that he’s trying to save what’s left of them. Project Nemesis sacrifices a few so that generations can live. Megatron wonders why Elita didn’t leave on the Ark with Prime. He suspects that she disagreed with his actions. Elita believes that the rivalry between them is antiquated and pointless in the face of extinction, and Megatron agrees. But they have different ideologies.

Starscream places Elita in her cell. Jetfire, Red Alert, and Chromia wonder what she’s learned. Elita didn’t learn much. But she doesn’t think that Megatron has even told his own men why he’s harvesting their energon. Jetfire surmises that they’re building a weapon.

Megatron asks Elita to join him for Project Nemesis. With her at his side, their people will flourish. However, he wants her and signals Barricade to lock them in the capsules. Elita pleads with Megatron to spare her friends and asks him to join them. However, he is turns her down and places her in the capsules as well. Before the harvest can begin, one of the Decepticons that Elita saved from the last prison camp returns the favor. He shuts off the power and frees them from their pods before escaping.

Skytread catches Jetfire, Elita, Red Alert, and Chromia trying to sneak away. Surprisingly, he means to help them. While he’s not an Autobot sympathizer, he also doesn’t condone Project Nemesis. Episode 2 (Earthrise)

Elita One, Jetfire, Red Alert, and Chromia lead the old beaten and battered Decepticons to the old theater. They’re forced to scatter and hide when Seekers approach.

They return to the old theater with Scrapface and the other Decepticons after nearly blowing their cover when he attacked a couple seekers. Scarface then gets a Decepticon-wide transmission from Shockwave, who explains that Megatron has ordered all Decepticons to report to Kaon Arena. He claims that they have energon to protect them. Elita suspects that Shockwave’s luring them to the arena to harvest their sparks. Elita wants to lead the remaining Autobots and Decepticons to Kaon to destroy the arena. Episode 3 (Earthrise)

Elita One, Jetfire, Red Alert, and Chromia lead the Decepticons to Kaon Arena, which appears to be abandoned. So, Elita moves forward with her plans to set charges around the area to blow it up. She then comes across the transmission from Doubledealer to Megatron, revealing that Optimus and his crew are in trouble. Elita then notices Shockwave sneaking up behind her, but when she turns around, he disappears. She then calls into Jetfire and tells him to have the Guardians begin their assault. Shockwave then makes himself visible, revealing his new cloaking tech. A fight ensues between Elita and Shockwave, during which time she realizes that he’s draining Decepticon spark to enhance his own abilities.

Elita wakes up strapped to a procedure table. Before Shockwave can take her apart, Spinister returns with the other rebels. Elita attempts to break free from her restraints as the explosive she staged quickly times down. It unfortunately blows before she can make her escape. Episode 6 (Earthrise)

MC Axis Kit mini-comic

Elita One and her team toppled a colossal Decepticon warrior. Though her team was jubilant at their victory, Elita knew that this one victory was far from enough to win the war, and longed for Prime to return so they could re-take their homeworld.

Dreamwave comics continuity

Elita One and the other female Autobots were an elite squad of warriors under the command of the Quintessons, waiting for intel from their Autobot sleeper agent, Arcee.

Note: Dreamwave filed for bankruptcy and stopped producing Transformers books right as the female Autobots arc was beginning.

Marvel Comics continuity


Note: The Classics story takes place in a post-Marvel Generation One comics universe where Generation 2 did not happen.

Deadly in pink
Isn't she?

Elita One is part of Grimlock's crew on the Graviton. After following Bug Bite's crew of Decepticons to Earth, she fights her way into the Decepticon base herself with radical martial arts. She is so totally awesome, what anyone else does isn't really that important, apparently. Games of Deception

IDW comics continuity

Elita appears with her boyfriend, their father, and a close friend/white clone of her boyfriend at Bumper and Fastback's funeral. Megatron Origin issue 3



  • Elita One (BotCon Exclusive, 2009)
Elita One is a redeco of the Cybertron Thunderblast toy.


  • Elita One (1996)
This Japanese "garage kit", an unpainted resin model, was made by MC Axis, and was also the first official product made of Elita One. It also included among the paperwork a comic strip starring Elita One and the rest of her squad.

Diamond Select Transformers

  • Elita One (2008)

And Optimus thought Elita One would be scared by his lack of feet.

Exclusive to Big Bad, this bust of Elita One is limited to 600 pieces worldwide. The sculpt is based upon her cartoon appearance, though some creative liberties have been taken, such as the fact she carries a large rifle that is similar in design to Optimus Prime's instead of the small pistol in her fictional appearances.


(sigh) this war sucks!

  • Elita One's name shares the same root meaning as Optimus Prime's: "Best First". For many years, the actual spelling of her name was the subject of much fandom debate. The MC Axis kit finally gave her name the current spelling, and was later backed up by episode scripts.[1] Elita is presumably derived from "elite", which comes from the Latin electa, meaning "chosen". So her name translates as Chosen One, which makes sense as she was the one Alpha Trion chose to gift the special power.
  • According to writer David Wise, he did not intend for Ariel to be rebuilt as Elita One when writing "War Dawn".[2] Whether Ariel was originally supposed to die or if she was supposed to be rebuilt into someone else is unknown.
  • Elita One's alt-mode has never been depicted in its entirety. As shown above, only the very front end is seen, as the rest is hidden by Optimus Prime's truck mode. It looks a little like a mish-mash of the alt modes of Wheelie and Arcee (although, of course, she pre-dated both characters). Her alt-mode as Ariel is not depicted at all.
  • In the War Within graphic novel, Elita One's silhouette is depicted on Optimus' mudflap in vehicle mode, similar to the "naked lady" silhouette decal seen on modern vehicles.
  • If we think about it, since Optimus and Elita One have the same creator, they are, in some way, brother and sister, which just makes their relationship look plain weird. (Well, maybe not in Japan.) The events of "War Dawn" show that Orion Pax and Ariel existed as non-siblings before they were remade into Optimus Prime and Elita One, though Transformers has demonstrated somewhat puzzling definitions of siblings.
  • She wasn't even around when he came back to life at the end of "The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 1". She must've been real busy...or was killed when the Autobots were forced off Cybertron.