Elimination is a PvP Deathmatch mode (4v4) in Transformers Universe .


  • The first team to score 20 enemy kills, or the team that has the most kills when the timer expires, wins.
  • You can choose to Surrender from the Options menu to initiate a surrender vote for your team, after eight minutes of the match have elapsed.



  • Ensure your team has a balance of warriors in play that cover the three main combat roles: tank, damage, healer.
  • Stay close to your teammates.
  • Target the enemy healers and prevent them from repairing their team.
  • Withdraw from a fight before your health gets critically low, since dying will help the enemy towards victory.
  • Familiarize yourself not only with your faction's warriors, but also the enemy's - this will allow you to anticipate their strategies and counteract them. Be particularly aware of enemy warriors that can impair movement, as this can allow their entire team to focus on you.
  • Watch out for the enemy's long-range damage dealers and use the terrain to escape from their sights.


  • Tips and rules are directly from the Game guide on the official Transformers Universe website.
  • Elimination is the most popular Transformers Universe mode. Mainly due to it having a separate leaderboard from the other gamemodes.
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