Elephorca was once a Maximal but is now a Blendtron from the Beast Wars portion of the Generation One continuity family.

I am the one hiding under your BED, teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing RED!

Elephorca is the field commander of the Blendtrons as well as their system of transportation. With a single swipe of his fist he can shatter reality itself and travel through time and space in an artificial black hole. As a warrior of Unicron all senses of justice and sympathy have been drained from his body, leaving him an emotionless killing machine. Able to grow to enormous sizes at will. The tusks on his shoulders are his pride and his symbol. Should anybody even so much as touch them he erupts in a chaotic fury, obliterating the opposition. He is possibly the most powerful Blentron and easily the most feared.

Sometimes there are lots of him. Aw man.

Japanese name: Elphaorpha (エルファオルファ Erufaorufa)


Beast Wars Neo cartoon

Voice actor: Yoshinobu Kaneko (Japanese)

Elephorca is the smartest of all the Blentrons and constructs their battle plans and calls out the orders during a fight.

Elephorca is one of the Blendtrons, who were servants of Unicron. Elephorca and the other Blendtrons totally made both Big Convoy and Magmatron look like wusses, and stole the Angolmois capsules. Mysterious Beast Warriors!? The Stolen Capsules They would then later use these capsules to revive Unicron in the body of Galvatron. As a shoddy consolation gift, Unicron proceeded to absorb the Blendtrons into himself. Unicron Revived!?

Beast Wars Neo comic

IDW Beast Wars comics

Elephorca machine

Who will be eaten first?

Elephorca is the dimmest of all the Blentrons and is basically a weapon of mass destruction for Unicron to point and fire. Once he was a loyal, though dimwitted Maximal colony construction bot. Unicron reshaped him into an absolute monster after foreseeing a future need for a really big "stick with a nail in it." Beast Wars Sourcebook 2

Elephorca, with Drancron and Rartorata, brought Angolmois capsules to Shokaract on the orders of Unicron, priming him as a "vessel". The Ascending #1 The Ascending #2 Eventually, Shokaract got tired of the Blendtrons and left, prompting Drancron and Elephorca to be baffled about why Shokaract wasn't submissive to the will of Unicron. The Ascending #3

Shortly thereafter, the Blendtrons went to Earth to deal with the Maximals and Predacons there. There, Elephorca was mauled to death by an Angolmois-infected Razorbeast. The Ascending #4


Beast Wars Neo

  • Elphaorpha (Deluxe Blentron, 1999)
Japanese ID number: X-7
Elphaorpha is a redeco of the Beast Wars Deluxe Fuzor Torca, his beast mode a combination of orca and elephant. His dorsal fin becomes his water-squirting accessory gun; moving the fin back and forth while still plugged into his back makes his tusks peench in and out a little bit.

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