An electro-disrupter is a fairly-uncommon device that can be used for a variety of effects.

Most commonly, it send out disruptive signals to make the Transformer equipped with the electro-disrupter appear someplace other than they are, possibly multiple locations. (Sentinel Prime, Nightglider and Blackarachnia's Transmetal 2 body are equipped with electro-disrupters with this capability.)

A more advanced application of the same technology enables the user to fade into the background, seeming to disappear, or cloak themselves in a different appearance. (This being Mirage's signature move.) Both of these applications are highly consumptive of power, and have either a time or distance limit.

An offensive electro-disrupter can short out or drain the power system of another Transformer, even possibly completely disabling them. The effectiveness of this attack is greatly diminished if the target is fully powered shielded against such disruption. (Smokescreen possesses an electro-disrupter rifle, and the Insecticn Shrapnel sometimes uses an portable unit.)


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