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El Presidente is a human character in the Generation One continuity family.

You're getting a lump of coal...

El Presidente, one assumes, either is or was the president of a nation-state on the planet Earth. The latter seems more likely, given that as of the mid-nineteen eighties he was known to be operating out of a ship as an international arms dealer.

He presumably shops for clothes with Abdul Fakkadi.


The Transformers cartoon[]

One of his clients was the Combaticon, Swindle, who once approached him seeking to procure spare parts for his injured teammates following a battle with their Autobot rival, Defensor.

However, true to his nature, Swindle ended up selling their weapons and computer systems to El Presidente instead. El Presidente in turn sold those systems to a variety of human clients, including military elements in an unspecified Arab country and the Soviet Union. B.O.T.