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Ejector is an AllSpark Mutation and Decepticon from the live-action film series continuity family.
Toaster dew

Transformers 2: Electric Dewgaloo

Ejector is an evil mischievous Transformer secretly living with three twenty-something humans in an apartment flat. He conceals himself in the form of a 4-slot bread searing machine (a toaster) usually located on the kitchen counter. He has revealed himself only to one of his roommates ("the Patsy") and he is now attempting to drive him mad.

Ejector's robot mode is a bipedal robot ~1.5' tall with red glowing internal parts (possibly heating elements.) His most distinctive feature is an articulated 'tail' from which he rapidly spins his retractable power plug like a flail. He cannot speak English, but appears to understand it. In toaster mode, he is capable of concealing a small payload within his frame (such as a 20 oz bottle.) However, doing so prevents actual toast from being inserted inside of him, and thus partially compromises his disguise.

Note: "The Toaster" is the Patsy's term for this Transformer, though it's official name of "Toaster Bot" is revealed on his designs.
Though the Toaster's origins are not explicitly stated, it is possible he is a Real Gear Robot of the type seen in the 2007 film.


While the Patsy and his other roommates were out, Ejector snuck into the fridge and stole the Patsy's last 20 oz Mountain Dew. When he returned to find it missing, the Patsy logiced-aloud that the Toaster must have taken it to aggravate him in increasingly accusatory tones until his roommates intervened to calm him down -- whereupon Ejector Transformed behind their backs and performs a taunting 'touchdown dance,' rubbing himself obscenely against the cool and glistening surface of the Dew bottle while the Pasty shrieked in impotent rage. [1]

Note: The Toaster's mannerisms are almost certainly a reference to the titular Gremlins from the 1984 Joe Dante film.

Revenge of the Fallen

He is among the Appliancebots which were brought to life by the AllSpark fragment which Sam dropped. They all take over his house and get the family to evacuate. Bumblebee kills them all on Sam's orders. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


"The Patsy"

Toaster roommate punkd


The Patsy knows his toaster is both alive... and evil. He's seen it, moving around, causing trouble when no one else is paying attention -- but for some reason he always gets blamed for the Toaster's mischief!

The Patsy at least partially doubts his own sanity in the face of The Toaster's growing campaign of terror humiliation, and he has begun to construct elaborate logical proofs for the Toaster's existence.. that fail to convince his roommates, but leave the Toaster in stitches.

One of these days he's going to get that Toaster, yes he will! And then we'll see who the crazy one around here is! Ha! Ha ha ha ha ha...

The couch guys

Toaster roommates couch

We got the couch, now all we need is find three girls and we can start our own show

The Patsy's roommates think he's crazy for projecting all his insecurities and failings onto the toaster -- he needs a girlfriend to project his failings and insecurities onto like a normal guy.

Oh God, is he yelling again? Yeah, okay, we'll do something about it... as soon as it's a commercial. Well, not if it's one of those delightful Mac/PC ads...


  • Ejector (Scout, 2009)


  • Ejector's debut was actually in a Mountain Dew commercial, as he tormented some poor schlep with the last bottle of the carbonated beverage. It's unknown if he actually wanted the soda or not; more likely he was just screwing with the poor bastard.
Mountain Dew-Toaster commercial

Mountain Dew-Toaster commercial

  • Ejector's... abnormally high Courage stat is more than likely a reference to the beloved children's film "The Brave Little Toaster".

It's strange that he was alive and well in the Mountain Dew commercial, considerating Bumblebee killed all the Appliancebots on Sam's orders. Maybe Ejector escaped and went to live with his new roommates.

  • Ejector's face bears a resemblance to that of Scowl's Pretender Shell.


  1. The 'Toaster' Transform Your Summer Mountain Dew commercial.

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