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The best way to describe Eject is that he is always ready for some football! A confirmed sports junkie, Eject constantly scans the airwaves for everything from baseball, basketball, football, soccer, hockey, anything, from professional to academic-level competition. This occasionally interferes with his job as a surveillance agent, should a game go into overtime when he should be monitoring Decepticon activity. Sports clichés and terms litter his speech;: "home runs", "touchdowns", "goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooal!!" and, of course, "Are you ready for some football?!".

For Eject, sports are more than a form of entertainment. To his mind, they are also the answer to the war. He feels that sports could replace the way Cybertrons traditionally settle disputes: with bloody arena combat or a millennia or two of killing each other in mass numbers. He tries to get the other Autobots in on the idea, and envisions one day a Cybertron free of the horrors of war, where arenas are filled with fans cheering a three-point shot rather than a decapitation, where all Transformers are united in being truly READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!

Italian name: Catapulta
French name (Canada): Ejecteur (Ejector)


Cartoon continuity

Voice actor: N/A (US), ? (Japan)

During the Battle of Autobot City, Eject sacked Frenzy in mid-air while defending Perceptor in the communications tower. They continued grappling with each other as the mini "Cassette War" raged on. The Transformers: The Movie

After the defeat of Unicron, Eject was first seen stationed inside Metroplex when Blaster was calling for help from Earth Defense Command on Mars. Five Faces of Darkness, Part 3 Sometime later, he joined Blaster and his fellow cassettes in traveling to Menonia, looking for the missing Grimlock and Daniel Witwicky. The strong silent type, Eject still helped overthrow Mara-Al-Utha and bring the Golden One back into power. Madman's Paradise

Super Robot Lifeform manga

When the Decepticons posed as Autobots to defame their enemies in the eyes of humanity, Eject and Rewind rode inside Prowl when the Autobots busted up a Decepticon-run anti-Autobot rally. Eject and Rewind fired their blasters at a pair of hooded-and-robed figures, who were revealed as the Decepticons Frenzy and Rumble.

The two small Autobots then beat the ever-loving snot out of the two small Decepticons.

Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events from the UK-only comic stories are in italics.

Marvel UK future timelines

Eject made a brief appearance in 2008, stationed on Cybertron. He fielded a distress signal sent by an unknown party, and then passed the ball to his coach, Ultra Magnus, to call the play. Space Pirates!

Dreamwave comics continuity


Ready for a game that won't be invented for millennia!

Eject was among the many Autobots who congregated in a secret base during the "Age of Internment", when the recently returned Megatron's Aerospace Extermination Squadron covered the planet Cybertron, capturing countless Autobot heroes and sending the remnants of the army underground. The War Within: The Age of Wrath

It is unknown if his alternate mode at the time was still some form of data-storage device, or if he had a vehicular mode. It is also unknown just how prepared he was for some football, as the species that created it had yet to evolve. He did have all his rowdy friends over then, mind...

(Note: For some reason, Eject was not seen with Blaster's other cassettes as part of Hot Rod's splinter cell in the modern era. Whether there was a reason for his absence, or if it was just too hard to cram one more 'bot onto the page is unknown.)

Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs. Transformers comics continuity


He's gonna try to steal second.

Eject was part of Prowl's team, working in conjunction with Hawk to round up stray Cybertronian technology on Earth. When the Autobots disrupted one of Destro's sales on a dock in Cuba, Eject wound up taking on eight S.N.A.K.E. armored robots by himself.

And he won.

Back at the submerged space ship Arc II, he was having a pleasant day watching reality TV shows with Firewall until the Pretender Monsters attacked. While Prowl, Skids, and Sideswipe all fell before the Decepticons' assault...

Eject got away without a scratch.

Eject carried Firewall to the surface for Cosmos to pick up, before heading below to recharge and help the others. Whether this "help" consisted of single-handedly driving off their attackers is not made clear, but really, his track record points that way. Black Horizon issue 1

After Unicron was defeated, Eject happily went back to watching bad television with Firewall. He was elated when Optimus Prime chose to join them. Black Horizon issue 2


Generation One

  • Eject & Ramhorn (Cassette 2-pack, 1986)
  • Eject (Cassettebot, 1986)
Japanese ID number: C-68, C-117
G1Eject toy

RIBEIB, or EIBRIB? The (lesser) debate continues...

Among the first new-mold cassettes in the line (rather than being pre-Transformers Microman toys), Eject shares the same mold as Rewind, transforming into a blue microcassette. In this mode, he can fit in the chest compartment of the Blaster or Soundwave toys. He was available only in a two-pack with Ramhorn in the Hasbro line, but was available as an individual for Takara's line, and was rereleased the next year in Headmasters.
The initial Hasbro releases of Eject/Ramhorn had chromed-gold weapons, subsequent releases used chromed-silver. Another variation of many new-mold cassettes from this series is one in which the cassettes' "Side A" detailing was initially a factory-applied foil decal, that was later replaced with a modified tooling with painted-on details. On the painted detail cassettes, the "tape reel" was represented by the fully detailed paper decal used by Ravage. When all new-mold cassettes were being sold in 1988, all of their toolings were changed (again; in Eject & Rewind's case) to fill in their square rubsign indentions. Although all painted detail Ejects and Rewinds carried silver weapons, it is unknown which weapon variation was more common when packaged with the earlier decaled cassettes.
A frequent pet peeve of the second (and third) Eject/Rewind toolings is the inability of the robot's head to lock into place in cassette mode when clamped by the pins connected to his shoulders. As a result, Eject's head would frequently pop up unless stored in Blaster's chest.
This mold was (much) later used to make Flip Sides and Rosanna.
Eject and Rewind were later reissued as the fifteenth product of TakaraTomy's Encore line, along with Decepticons Ravage and Buzzsaw. This version of Eject uses silver chromed weapons and wears decals. On issue to note is that Eject's face is painted in the same orange-red color as Rewind's instead of the neutral orange earlier versions were. Another noted improvement is the extra-tiny Autobot symbol tampoed onto his chest. The reissue tooling, shared by Rosanna and Flip Sides, appears to have fixed the head locking problem in cassette mode, but since adult collectors rarely wear down their figures at the rate of children, only time will tell how effective the improvement is.
The Encore tooling of Eject, as well as Ramhorn and Steeljaw, was included with a special release of Blaster for San Diego ComiCon in 2010.


  • Eject never got any dialogue like Rewind, despite both of them being humanoid cassette Transformers like their evil counterparts, Rumble and Frenzy. That pretty much sums it up.
  • Eject, like Frenzy, is rarely shown on-screen in the cartoon. Rewind is often shown to represent both of them (which explains why both are shown flashing from black to blue when ejecting from Blaster's chest during The Transformers: The Movie.)

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