The Eight Track is an Autobot spaceship.


Transformers: Exodus

Optimus Prime ordered the gathering of any flight-worthy ships during the construction of the Ark and the ensuing preparations for evacuation. The purpose of this rag-tag fleet was to provide a diversion to draw the Decepticons away from the Ark's launch. To this end, the Eight Track was the only manned ship in the flotilla, piloted by Jetfire and crewed by Optimus Prime, BumblebeeIronhideProwl and Jazz.

When Trypticon Station proved more than a match for the entire fleet, Optimus Prime sent the unmanned ships back planetside, while the Eight Track searched for a hole in the station's defenses. Finding one, the team was able to knock the monstrous and now sentient space station from orbit, but nearly plummeted to its doom with Trypticon due to the inability to retract the ship's ingress tube. Jetfire was ultimately able to pull away from the rapidly descending hulk, but his timing was a bit too close for his crewmates' tastes.

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