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He actually was like that when Longtooth got there.

Rodimus Prime leads the Autobots to Earth - but there's a traitor on board...

Generation One (Marvel UK) > Issue # 252
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Marvel UK issue #252[]

Writer: Simon Furman
Art: Staz
Lettering: Glib


The Autobot ship is out of control, either going to burn up or crash into Earth - causing the Energon goodwill gift to the humans to detonate like a multi-nuclear strike. Kup searches for the saboteur and for Rodimus, and seemingly finds both when he discovers Longtooth over Prime's body. Arcee quickly reveals Longtooth can't have done it, and that the doors to the retro-engines are sealed shut. Rodimus, coming to, is unable to remember why he passed out.

Kup comes up with a plan, explaining to Rodimus that Arcee is going to reach the retro engines via the coolant tank. In actual fact, she's going through the ship's ducts, and she's able to fire the retros and allow the ship to land (badly). But Kup's plan has caused the saboteur to reveal himself, as they try to intercept Arcee at the coolant tanks - and the saboteur is Rodimus himself, possessed by dark forces...

Items of note[]

  • Rodimus has been possessed by the Matrix-trapped Unicron, following on from Galvatron's attempts to pervert the Matrix in Aspects of Evil!. The story doesn't recap this though, relying on the reader's memory.
  • Over 430 Autobots are fleeing to Earth.