The Eclipse-Team is a Decepticon sub-group in the Energon portion of the Unicron-Trilogy continuity-family.

The Eclipse-Team is a small unit within the forces commanded by Megatron during the battle for control of the galaxy's energon supplies.

Its membership consists of:


Energon pack-in comic, Volume 3

The Eclipse-Team were dispatched on a mission to steal refined energon from an Autobot installation located on an Earth island. With the assistance of Shockblast, who jammed the outpost's security sensors from orbit with an electro-magnetic pulse, Sharkticon and Slugslinger snuck in through the sewers while Mirage maintained a secure perimeter around the island.

When the two Decepticons walked right into an ambush set by Bulkhead and Tow-Line, Mirage attempted to come to their aid, but was intercepted by Omega Supreme. After Slugslinger was taken down by Tow-Line, Sharkticon tried to flee, leaving his wounded teammate behind, but was himself shot down by Omega Supreme.


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