InfinityAndBack Echinoderm One

Echinoderm One is an experimental spacecraft propelled by means of a solar sail. As a backup for when it is in the shadow of a planet, the ship has a high-powered laser that provides propulsion.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"To Infinity... And Back"

Dani Burns piloted a solo test run of the ship for her hundredth test mission. After launching into space on boosters which were then discarded, she deployed the solar sails and successfully tested the laser system. Unfortunately the ship ran into trouble in the form of debris from a destroyed satellite, which shredded the solar sail and damaged the maneuvering thrusters. No longer in control, Dani called in the Griffin Rock rescue team who launched in the Sigma. To help them catch up, she disabled the laser and went on a space walk to detach the solar sail after the sail failed to retract as intended. Unfortunately the ship remained on a collision course for the Moon and the Sigma was not going to reach her in time. The Rescue Bots were able to use their jetpacks in a three-stage system to get Blades to her, so he could steer the Echinoderm One onto a slingshot course around the Moon. The ship was later returned to Ground Control in one piece.

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