This article is about the Generation 2 Decepticon Skyscorcher. For the Generation One Autobot Micromaster, see Eagle Eye (G1).

Eagle Eye is a Decepticon from the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Litter on the highway and he cries. Then shoots your ass.

The infiltrator of the Skyscorcher team, Eagle Eye really, really hates those Autobots. He likes nothing more than smashing them to bits or blowing them up from afar.

Seems to be a recurring theme among Decepticons from that era.

European name: Hawk
Japanese name: Hawking


Generation 2 Fleetway UK comics



Hawk was part of Bludgeon's forces sent to Earth to smash stuff as a ploy to draw out Optimus Prime. When Megatron appeared to take back Decepticon leadership, Tornado retrieved Hawk and Terradive, who were attacking a squad of Autobots, so they could tackle Megatron.

Things didn't go too well for Hawk then. He got shot down by Snarl, and taken prisoner by the Autobots.

(Note: This being a UK story, Eagle Eye and Windrazor use their European names "Hawk" and "Tornado", respectively.)


Generation One/Generation 2

  • Eagle Eye (Skyscorcher, 1993/1994)
Eagle Eye transforms into a EF-2000 Eurofighter jet. His under-slung radar system becomes a non-firing handheld gun in robot mode.
He was originally released as part of the "transitional" period of the European-market line where the toys used the new Generation 2 faction symbols, but the line didn't use the Generation 2 header. He was later released in the US with no notable changes as part of Generation 2, and then later again as part of Europe's proper Generation 2 line.


  • Eagle Eye is the only Skyscorcher who has not been revealed as part of the canceled Block Town series from Takara. Since he appears to be gang-molded with Terradive, a Block Town Eagle Eye would likely have been simply a lighter green, with a blue tailfin.

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