ERVIS, short for Empathically Reactive Voice-Interactive System, adds voice control to the Rescue Bots' ship, the Sigma. Capable of controlling all of the ship's systems including propulsion and communications, ERVIS can allow the entire ship to be controlled by one Bot. It is also rather adept at guilt tripping the pilot.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Rescue Bots Academy"

ERVIS was constructed by Graham and Boulder, with Salvage finding the last needed component — a voice chip he got from a wrecked window-washer platform. Once installed, they switched through its several voices until they found one they liked.

"A New Hero"

After Blurr stole the ship, he instructed ERVIS to set course for Hydrus Four. ERVIS complied, but brought up the situation with Cody occurring back in the hangar, and also the five waiting messages from Optimus Prime. A solar flare knocked out the ship's power, and once Blurr got it back online, ERVIS warned him about the incoming rogue satellite and the ten waiting messages from Optimus Prime. Blurr was finally convinced to do something, and after ERVIS told him the ship had a laser cannon, attempted to destroy the satellite before it hit Griffin Rock, only to discover that ERVIS hadn't mentioned that the laser wasn't powered.

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