eBay is an online auction platform from the live-action movie continuity family and (incidentally) in the real world.

If you're a young teenager looking to score some cash to pay for your first car by hawking your great-great-grandfather's junk over the Internet, eBay is a good place to do it.

Unfortunately, killer alien monster robots can also use it to track you down.

In the real world, eBay can be a good place to buy both new and used Transformers toys and other merchandise for decent prices (which can lead you to wonder why Frenzy didn't see any while he was on it). Less experienced buyers should beware, though, since scalpers also use eBay as a platform to make a profit, and their offerings are never good deals. In addition, stolen leaked prototypes "acquired through unauthorized means" also often end up being offered on eBay, often going for even higher prices than toys sold by scalpers.


  • In the movie, Barricade states the eBay item number for Ladiesman217's glasses as "21153", a five digit number. In the real world, eBay item numbers had already reached the eight digit region by 1998; and in 2007, when the movie came out, they were already in the 12 digit region.
  • In issue 1 of the movie's comic book adaptation, the eBay logo on Sam's computer has been changed into "ePay", possibly to avoid accusations of product placement. Seems strange, since they had no qualms about that in the movie.
  • According to producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, eBay was not written into the movie as part of a sponsoring deal (although eBay was a partner for the production), but had already been explicitly referred to by name in the script even before the deal between eBay and Paramount was reached.[1]
  • A famous songwriter/voice actor has made a song[1] about it using the music from the song I Want It That Way


  1. Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura addressing the eBay references in the movie

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