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Dylan Gould is the CEO of Hotchkiss Gould Investments. He hired Carly Spencer to work to help in his car collection, a hobby which helps to keep him "sane". He inordinately fond of his new recruit, since he calls her "my Duchess" gives her cars, and hooked up her boyfriend, Sam Witwicky, with a career opportunity by using his amazing connections just because he has one assistant, five bodyguards and two dog pets, and is very rich, as any average millionaire would be. That's not threatening to Sam, if it wasn't by the fact he is the Decepticons' human ally.

"You better teach them some respect. Especially that cuddly little yellow one who blew up my apartment."
―Dylan hates when someone messes up with his properties. [src]


IDW movie comics[]

Dylan's father brought him to meet Soundwave as he intended him to take his place as the Decepticon liaison in the future, and the Decepticon was impressed by the child's tenacity, being able to see greater desires than the base riches sought by his father in him.

After his father passed away, Dylan had inherited his responsibilities when Soundwave return to Earth in 2007, now running the family company and continuing to maintain the veil of secrecy around the moon, with the help of Soundwave's numerous other human pawns. Summoning Gould upon his return, Soundwave could see that his desires had blossomed: not content purely with money as his father had been, Dylan Gould wanted power. Convergence Chapter 4

Gould poached Carly Spencer some time after 2009 to help organize his car collection at Hotchkiss Gould Investments, and according to her, fighting robots was kids' stuff compared to working for him. Rising Storm #4

Dark of the Moon film[]

Actor: Patrick Dempsey

Seeking to exploit Sam's connection with the Autobots for the Decepticons' own ends, Dylan used his connection as an Accuretta Systems board member to arrange a job interview for him. Later when Sam met Carly at her worksite to tell her the good news, Sam immediatly disliked the smarmy Gould and the closeness he and Carly diplays, hating him even more after discovering that he had set up the interview for him. Gould even gave Carly a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, and invited the young couple to a party at his estate.

After Sentinel Prime revealed his treachery, Sam went to Gould' estate to get Carly to safety. There, Dylan revealed he works for the Decepticons when he told Sam and Carly "My father always said when the war isn't yours, always join the winning side". When Sam and Carly began to run from him, he asked his assistant if his revelation was too forward. Dylan forced Sam wear the Watch-bot that would try to obtain any Autobot secrets or tactics.


Gould disgusted by the Decepticons keeping prisoners.

When Sam told Dylan that the Autobots had no plans of retaliation, Dylan replied that he knew this was going to happen and ordered Starscream to shoot down the Xantium carrying the Autobots. Dylan tried to keep Sam's girlfriend Carly captive and as his future wife, but Sam arrived with Bumblebee and rescued her. Angry because he kept her hostage, Bumblebee opened fire on his apartment, killing all of his bodyguards in the process. Upon surviving, Dylan warned Megatron about what happened, and he ordered the Decepticons to find them. Seeking revenge for murdering his henchmen and destroying his penthouse, Dylan commanded Soundwave to execute the Autobot captives but failed due to Wheelie and Brains' intervention.

Even though it appears that Autobots are winning, Dylan continues working with the Decepticons when he turns on the Control Pillar. Sam came to confront Dylan just when Megatron attacked Sentinel Prime. Dylan punched Sam and caused him to fall and lie on some debris.


Sam giving the final strike to kill Dylan.

"You think you're a hero? YOU THINK YOU'RE A HERO?!!"
"No, I'm just the messenger."

When Dylan mocked Sam by claiming he saved Cybertron, Sam hit him in the head with a metal rod with a cement block attached to it, causing him to fall back in the Control Pillar, which electrocuted him to death. Dark of the Moon

Note: Dylan Gould's involvement in the preceding, or mostly similar events, were also chronicled in the Dark of the Moon novel and the junior novel; the Dark of the Moon Movie Adaptation comic, and the Movie Trilogy Manga. In the novelization and comic adaptation, the Control Pillar's energies killed Dylan by disintegrating him. In the Junior novelization and Japanese Manga, his death is not noted.

Ask Vector Prime[]

In Tyran 609.23 PX-Kappa, after Megatron killed The Fallen, the Decepticons were successful at bringing Cybertron into Earth's orbit. Humans were put to work rebuilding Cybertron and strip-mining their world, under Dylan Gould's leadership. Ask Vector Prime, 2015/07/22


  • Soundwave / Mr. Gould with Laserbeak (Human Alliance, 2011)
    • Japanese ID number: DD09


  • As the movie progresses, Dylan and Carly appear to have some history together.
  • His last name is possibly a reference to how proud he is of the profits he got from his car business.
  • Despite constantly calling the Decepticons his "clients" and even calling Megatron a "dick" after he refers to him as an "insect operative" (or in a translation, a "Rotten Insect"), Dylan seems to have some respect from them, who even obeys to his orders. This can be seen when he first ordered Soundwave to watch over Sam and Carly covertly (as her new car) and then for Soundwave to keep Carly contained but not kill her in order to get Sam to cooperate. Next, his cries of the Autobots' return are taken without question. Soundwave also listens to his advice about not taking prisoners.
  • The scene in the film where he is shown being killed was possibly very limited due to timing or complications on several 3D CGI graphics. It could have been changed due to being too violent, however— this is Michael Bay we're talking about...

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