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Dweller in the Depths/Tech/Info/Episodes Dweller in the Depths/Tech/Info/Episodes Dweller in the Depths/Tech/Info/Episodes Dweller in the Depths/Tech/Info/Episodes]]

[[../Dweller in the Depths/Tech/Info/Episodes|Episode Dweller in the Depths/Tech/Info/Episodes

Dweller in the Depths/Tech/Info/Episodes Dweller in the Depths/Tech/Info/Episodes Dweller in the Depths/Tech/Info/Episodes Dweller in the Depths/Tech/Info/Episodes]]

[[../Dweller in the Depths/Tech/Info/Episodes|Episode Dweller in the Depths/Tech/Info/Episodes

Dweller in the Depths/Tech/Info/Episodes Dweller in the Depths/Tech/Info/Episodes Dweller in the Depths/Tech/Info/Episodes Dweller in the Depths/Tech/Info/Episodes]]

The Quintessons, as part of a new attempt at regaining Cybertron, unleash the most dangerous creature known.

Japanese title: "Vampire of the Planet Seibertron"


We'll avoid the obvious two-faced jokes here.

On Cybertron, the Autobots have just successfully activated Perceptor ’s new power core, which should be able to triple the planet's energy reserves. A short distance away in their ship, the Quintessons watch, disgusted by the success and progress of their creations. One Quintesson unveils a plan to release the Dweller, one of the early biomechanical experiments called Trans-Organics that were developed by the Quintessons that predate the creation of the Transformers. Unable to even perform rudimentary assignments, the Trans-Organics were unstable monsters that were eventually sealed away in a hibernation chamber deep within Cybertron.

In true horror movie style, the girl grabs the most phallic weapon she can to defend herself.

On Charr, Galvatron is lamenting his Decepticon troops incompetence when the Quintessons beam down to talk. The Quintessons inform Galvatron about the Autobot's new power core but purposely give him the wrong location. Galvatron, Cyclonus and the Sweeps arrive on Cybertron, and break into the tunnel that leads below, soon pursued by Ultra Magnus, Arcee, Kup, Springer, and Wreck-Gar. The Decepticons uncover the storage chamber of the Trans-Organics, and accidentally release them from their stasis pods. The creatures soon attack both the Decepticons and the Autobots.

In trying to escape, The Decepticons makes it to the chamber of the gigantic leach monster, the Dweller who quickly manges to drain the enegry of Scourge and a Sweep and nearly Galvatron. The rest Decepticons then escape the Dweller who follows them to the Autobots and the Trans- Organics who are quickly destroyed by it. Ultra Magnus nearly has his energy drained before being saved by Wreck- Gar, but unfortuantly is caught by the net and has his enegry drained as well along with another Sweep are is put into a pod. Springer breakes into the pod but it is already too late as Wreck Gar has been turned into an Energy Vampire and turns Springer into one as well.

Wreck-Gar, Springer and the other Energy Vampires attack, While Galvatron and his remaining Decepticon forces maneges to trap Kup,Ultra Magnus and Arcee with the Vampires and the Dweller. Arcee is caught in th Dweller net as the Energy Vampies gets closer, but a quick call by Kup maneges to save her but is turned into one himself. Ultra Magnus and Arcee beaks down the rubble and escapes with the Dweller and the Vampires following. The Decpeticons are being chased by the Vampires and try to shoot them down, which is no use because Cyclonus explains the Vampires are drawn to their enegry. Galvatron throws the last Sweeps to the Enegry Vampires, which Cyclones and Galvatron tries to get away but the Dweller uses its net to capture Cyclones with Enegry Vampires getting him to. Galvatron then tries to give the Arcee and Ultra Magnus to the Dweller but its no use as all three of them escape.

Catch the red eye.

The two Autobots make it back to headquarters where they update Rodimus Prime and Perceptor of the situation, the energy vampires bursting in right behind them. Perceptor determines that the vampires are suffering from a unique form of energy depletion and that a power surge should restabilize their levels. The Autobots form a chain with Perceptor at the end who plugs himself into the console and they inject the crowd of vampire with an Energon surge. The surge returns the Autobots and Decepticons to normal. Cyclonus, Scourge, and the other Sweeps quickly escape and rejoin Galvatron.

Meanwhile, The Dweller is breaking free to the surface, getting bigger from its energy absorption, and heading for Perceptor's generator. Knowing that it will be unstoppable once it has attached itself to it, Perceptor uses the emergency eject switch to launch both the generator and the Dweller on top of it into space. Floating far away from Cybertron, The Dweller instead attaches itself to the ship of the Quintessons who started everything in the first place.


Original airdate: October 30, 1986

Production number: 700-107

Written by: Paul Dini

Featured characters


Notable quotes

Why can't I get any loyalty out of my troops that I'm always shooting at or throwing at big slobbering monsters?!

"You cringy, cowardly, weak-willed fools! Why am I still stuck on this worthless, cosmic trashbin! Why have I not retaken Cybertron?! And most importantly, why have I been saddled with such a useless pile of rusting junk for followers!"
"But mighty Galvatron, we humble Sweeps need energon to-"
"Its power you want?! I will give you power!"

-- Galvatron in his rage demands to know from Scourge and the Sweeps why he isnt victorious. He takes out his frustrations on them until the Quintessons arrive.

"Quintessons! You betrayed us to the Autobots, why should we listen to you?"
"Hehe. Please Galvatron, you can't lay one bad experience on the doorstep of the whole Quintesson race. Besides, how can you be so certain that we were the ones who betrayed you?"
" all do look alike."

-- Galvatron and the Quintessons as the latter manipulate the Decepticon leader as part of their new plan to retake Cybertron.

"YO JOE! Here I come to save the day. Ayay-yaya-yai! Can this be... the end... of little Wreck-gar? Oh no!"

-- Wreck-gar as he saves Ultra Magnus from the Dwellers energy draining web only to be trapped in it himself and getting his energy stolen by the beast.

Cybertron has a C.H.U.D. problem too.

"Come on Wreck-gar buddy! They haven't canceled your series yet!"

-- Springer as he frees the energy drained Wreck-gar from the Dwellers rear pouch.

"Be a good soldier and help him."
"Galvatron, NO! I beg you!"

-- Galvatron sacrificing another Sweep to the energy vampires that are approaching.

"I don't know what that thing is back in the tunnels, but even if it gets me as well, I'll die with the satisfaction that the universe will have two more Autobots to mourn!"

-- Galvatron as he is about to attack Ultra Magnus and Arcee, not realising that the Dweller is fast approaching.


How to bully a Sweep.

  • Oddly, one of the transorganics (the gorilla with tentacles) vaguely resembles the D&D demon prince Demogorgon.
  • Galvatron is up to his underling management minion bashing in this episode. He takes great pleasure in kicking the bolts out of his followers.
1. Select minion.
2. Let him babble.
3. Swing a fist.
4. Watch him fly!

Animation and/or technical glitches

They learned the hard way why those Japanese school girls were running away.

  • When the Dweller reaches Cybertron's surface, Streetwise and Groove are seen shooting at it, but Streetwise is colored like Optimus Prime and Groove is colored like Wheelie.

Continuity errors

  • Reference

Transformer references

  • The Quintessons remark on the Autobots ancestors being the ones responsible for their exile from Cybertron.

Real-world references

Miscellaneous trivia

  • Paul Dini, writer for this episode, would later go on to create "Batman: The Animated Series", and later on, the entire "DC Animated Universe".


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