Dusty is a member of G.I.Joe in the Generation One continuity family.
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Dusty is the G.I. Joe's main desert soldier. That means he can spend a lot of time out in the sun, plays in the sand a lot, and has probably ridden a camel. He once carried a dead man on his back for miles just because he told the guy's mother that he'd make sure he came home one way or another.


Marvel Comics continuity

He appears, but not too often.

Marvel UK

Dusty was part of the Action Force team. He drove a Mauler tank in the battle against Megatron in London, but the vehicle was thrown aside by the Decepticon. Dusty was dragged clear of the wreckage by Crankcase and Wild Bill. Ancient Relics!

Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs the Transformers continuity

Dusty traveled back in time to find missing Transformers. The time-lost group they recovered was the Dinobots. Dusty must have had some crazy adventures there, because when we see him, he's got war paint on, a necklace made out of fangs, and has ripped both the sleeves off his uniform.

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