This article is about the Autobot Nebulan Headmaster partner. For the Decepticon Pretender form Masterforce, see Dauros.

Duros is an Autobot allied Nebulan from the Generation One continuity family.

He's old because he's hard.

Duros was born to be a soldier on a world without war. He served for years as the head of security for the Nebulan Ruling Council and spent most of that time horribly bored and unsatisfied. The coming of the Transformers to Nebulos may have been a tragedy for most of his race, but it was quite possibly the best thing to ever happen to Duros... and also the worst.

In Hardhead he has found a kindred spirit, and the two have bonded over their shared interest in combat and warfare to become one of the closest pairings among all the Headmasters. The dependable, resourceful, and stoic Duros is a great addition to the Autobot army, but his eager desire for action and love of combat have made him an outsider among the naturally peaceful Nebulans and has led him to be shunned even by his family and, most painfully, his now estranged wife. Duros shuts the pain that his failed personal life causes him away and focuses instead on being the soldier he always felt destined to be.

Italian name: Omicron


Marvel Generation One comics

I cannot remain in this unacceptable operational status!

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It's the least he can wear to defend his planet.


We've replaced Duros with his younger, evil twin. Let's see if Galen notices...

Hardhead had his head on when fighting Unicron. Unfortunately for Duros, Hardhead still had his head on when Unicron stepped on him. On the Edge of Extinction!

The Transformers cartoon

Voice actor: Charles Adler (English)

But does he wear pants?


Generation One

  • Hardhead w/ Duros (Headmaster, 1987)
Duros transforms from an armored humanoid into a robot head. Though he only came with his partner Hardhead, in head mode he is compatible with any other Headmaster body. On the larger Headmasters, he shows three of Hardhead's Tech Spec stats in their display window, but the smaller ones still display their normal heads' stats due to their construction.

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