DidYouSee Mrs Dumont

Wealthy and refined, Mrs. Dumont is one of Griffin Rock's biggest investors.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"Did You See What I Thaw?"

Intending to donate a sum of money to the Luskey wing of the Griffin Rock natural history museum, Mrs. Dumont paid the town a visit, and was almost immediately endangered when the Mayor's car crashed. The pair were fortunately saved by the timely arrival of the rescue team. Luskey later took her to the laboratory where she was introduced to Doc Greene and his out-of-town colleague Doctor Ira. Dumont was so charmed by Ira that she invited him to the Mayor's dinner that evening, unaware he was actually a caveman. During dinner, she tried to make Ira feel more comfortable by copying his table manners, though she was at a loss after seeing his technique for eating lobster. She escorted him outside to see the Mayor's surprise — a fireworks display. Despite Ira's hasty exit when the explosions began, Dumont was so charmed by him she doubled her contribution to the museum.

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