It's important to know, Transformers in SOVIET RUSSIA is not so large of a franchise. You will never see commercials on television. All of the incarnations of the Transformers franchise, such as Armada, are simply called Transformers, except for Transformers Animated.

Generation One

The dub of Generation One (including Japanese anime), done by 6th channel, is based on well known crackhead dub. There are some awesome new characters such as Dune (this is Sandwave!), new Planet Autobot (the Japanese name for the Autobots is "Cybertron" as you know).

Voice actors
  • Megatron - a big fatass
  • Soundwave - a big winey bitch
  • Starscream - Voice Actor #1
  • Thundercracker - Voice Actor #2
  • Optimus Prine - Voice Actor #3
  • Bumblebee - Voice Actor #4
  • Jazz - Voice Actor #4
  • Wheeljack - Wheeljack #4

And etc. All voice actors never modify their voices, so for example, Soundwave and Megatron have exactly the same voice.

Worst. Dub. Ever.

Beast Era

Beast Wars

There are two versions of dub: 1st channel and TNT. All voice actors are comparatively good, but Megatron sounds like a brutal 50 year old grumbler.

Beast Machines

The dub was done by an unknown studio (more likely by channel's stuff). It's a pretty nice dub, although the Maximals are called "Maximalses".

  • Megatron sounds too smooth.
  • Thrust, Tankor and Obsidian sound exactly like Megatron.
  • "Primal" and "Prime" are translated as "first".

Robots in Disguise

Being filler in America, Robots in Disguise was almost ignored in Russia. It was dubbed by the channel staff with some translation errors. Voices are good.

  • Verb "transform" was dubbed as "Transformer", turning it into a noun. Can you imagine "Decepticons, Transformer!" ? Jeez...
  • Ruination's name was translated as "Decepticon"
  • Prime's actor is VERY fond of breathing into the microphone.
  • All Predacons and Team Bullet have their names translated, but other characters do not. Also, Rapid Run shares the name "Rapid train" with Rail Racer.
  • The English names are always pronounced with errors. For example, Prowl with clear "O" in his name and Scourge with clear "U".

Unicron Trilogy


Micronlegend dvd 9 russian

Now you know why it is horrible.

The only Russian dub of Armada was by Studio INIS, and it's notoriously known for translating errors.

  • "I look like Thundercracker" -> "Looks like thunder hit me"
  • "Frijoles" -> "Saint Mary"
  • Overload was translated as "Reboot". Literally reboot. So Optimus Prime reboots himself...
  • Tidal Wave's name various between Shockwave, "Prilivnaya Volna"(Tidal Wave) or just "decepticon".
  • Sureshock(Supersjock in dub) is male
  • Not actually error, but Starscream's voice actor speaks with joy when his character's about to die in Cramp. Fangirls hate it.
  • And other errors

There are about four voice actors :

  • Megatron - Voice Actor #1
  • Hot Shot - Voice Actor #1 (Oh, for sparks sake, Hot Shot shares a voice with Megatron!)
  • Cyclonus - Voice Actor #1
  • Sideways - Voice Actor #2
  • Sideswipe - Voice Actor #1
  • Wheeljack - Voice Actor #2
  • Optimus Prime - Voice Actor #2
  • Demolishor - Voice Actor #2
  • Red Alert - Voice Actor #2
  • Scavenger - Voice Actor #2
  • Thrust - Voice Actor #1
  • Starscream - Voice Actor #3
  • Rad - Voice Actor #1
  • Carlos - Voice Actor #1
  • Alexis - Voice Actor #4
  • Female roles - Voice Actor #4

As you can see, only Starscream has unique voice. Just like Generation One, voice actors never modify their voices.

Energon And Cybertron

All dubs made by Studio Selena are high quality both voices and translation. Every character has unique, distinct voice. As a result, Energon was dubbed after Cybertron, some characters have their voices different between series, as well in American dub. For example Energon Megatron sounds like a maniac compared to his Cybertron counterpart. Also, all voices in Energon are heavy computerized.

Transformers Animated cartoon

There are two versions.

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